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Starfield Hanam- A Doggies' Paradise In South Korea

I love all about Korea, Korean Foods, Korean Cultures, Korean Fashion, Korea weather, Korea Scenery, Korean language, Korean Oppas😍, K-Drama, K-Movie and Kpop of course, because I'm Army ( fan of BTS 방탄소년단) since many years ago😚 Therefore as expected, I would go to Korea at least once or twice every year and I call it my second Home 😜 And FYI I'm also a mummy of 5 furry kids ( 1 Czech Shepherd & 4 Poodles ),  thus I will always look for pet accessory no matter where I go. My furry kids are always my priority.
And apparently the pet supply market has grown speedily within these few years due to the growing community of dog lovers in Korea, which has reached over 10 million.

Starfield Hanam, the second largest shopping mall in South Korea, which owned by the Shinsegae Group is a pet friendly mall since they recognize the potential demand for shoppers wanting to bring their furry kids along. And with the success of pet friendly policy, other malls in Korea are said to be considering adopting this concept too.

Once we entered the mall, there was a signboard showing the rule conditions of bringing pet to the mall.

Starfield Hanam is a grand shopping mall provides the experience of shopping, leisure and healing all in one place, merely 30 minutes drive from Gangnam. 

Once we stepped into the shopping mall, there was a furry kid passing by us, can you see him? :)

There were even more and more furry kids in the mall. Pets are allowed to walk on the floor without stroller nor carrier. However each store has its own policy on dogs as well, whether not to allow dogs, to allow dogs if they are in carrier or to allow dogs to walk around freely. Besides, Starfield Hanam mall also has kits including paper bags and plastic gloves placed strategically throughout the premises to make it easy for owners to clean up after their pets. I noticed the entire mall didn't even have any unpleasantly odor nor nasty environment caused by dogs although most of the dogs didn't  even wear the manner belts. Seemingly all the pet owners are very responsible owners, and even the furry kids are very well-trained.

Halloween is around the corner. There were a very nice and grand decoration for 2018 Halloween. The Bichon's pawrents were trying some Halloween costumes on their furry kid for photographs, which provided by the venue sponsor. I was smiling while capturing the photos of them, as this scene would never happened in my country on public venue specially putting those human/kids' costumes on furry kids. How I wish my babies were there too...😢

The furry kids in South Korea are very lucky. My babies would be super excited if they could go shopping with daddy & mommy in this sort of grand and beautiful shopping mall.

Dogs are allowed to be carried in arm, in the stroller or walk on the floor with leash.

Molly's Petshop is a very large store that includes a free dog cafe where the furry kids can run around unleashed, a pet sitting service, grooming, and of course a vast selection of quality pet products. And to be frank, I've found out the range of price of the pet product at Molly's is quite cheaper than < Dorothy Grooming & Spa ( Click Here )>, and of course they both have distinctive quality, design and fashion, depends on your demand. 

The signature statue of Molly's ( a standard poodle )

Molly's signature statue in every branch of Molly's Petshop.

There were even more furry kids were seen in Molly's Petshop. They are so cute :)

The anti-theft system eas rf detector with lovely doggies' images at the entrance.

There were variety type of doggies' toys and ornaments.

Various type, design & brand of pet grooming electrical tools/ appliances.

Photo Booth that you can take a photo with your pet.

Doggies' images bags, too bad I couldn't find Poodle's, they merely have Bichon Frise, Maltese, and French Bulldog's on display. 

Cute Bichon Frise's umbrella. ( In fact Bichon Frise is a very common pet breed in South Korea, I love Bichon Frise too as Bichon is actually a cousin to the Poodle, they look very similar especially when the Poodle has Bichon's cut )

Molly's has very large space, hence pawrents and furry kids won't feel stuffy nor restricted during shopping/walking in there even if it's crowded.

Various outfits for pet. All designs are lovely and cute.

Pet's Fitting Room.

Plenty and variety type of pet beds. They are so comfy and good quality. Of course I will buy at least one for my babies.

Just from the look of this photo, I bet you won't know how big its size :P

Wow! Look at this, this is the actual size of the dog bed, even I can fit in as well.

Dog leashes.

Cute doggie's back bags cum leashes. We can put some small and light thingy inside and let our fur babies carry them :P

Pet accessories such as pet sunglasses, hair clips, collars, shoes...etc.

Cute pet bibs, too bad it only left very few designs and sizes.

Pet strollers.

Plenty choices of pet carriers.

I love purple :P

Cages...but I would never cage my furry kids.

Pet Staircases to avoid our furry kids from jumping up and down.

Pet bowls. The design of the bowls were quite simple thus I didn't buy any.

Custom Pet Collar Tag.

The man carried his both furry kids to the counter for price tag scanning because their daddy wore the new harnesses on them already. So cute.

Retractable Dog Leashes.

Pet Grooming Tools.

Met a real Bichon Frise baby. Sooooo adorable.

Met another Bichon Frise baby.

 Two white furry kids, one big one small, couldn't really tell what breed were they. Perhaps the small sized one was Bichon Frise as well.

Furry kids again. Every second I could encounter with a new furry kid in Molly's.

 Variety of pet foods, treats, diapers, wee pads...etc.

Which to choose?

Ain't it look familiar? Yes, it just looks like the popular Korean snack for human-Yogurt Jelly. 

The rug for hiding treats and let your dogs to dig for food/treat, its purpose is to engage your dogs' sense of smell and keep themselves busy. :)

Met some fury kids again. On the left was a Bichon Frise, he's super adorable, he kept staring at me and wagging his tail at me when I went near him. Too bad I was so amazed by him that I forgot to record the video.

Pet shampoos and Tooth pastes.

Various type of toys...

Sufficient amenities for pet owners. 

The sign showing the direction of Pet Cafe, Playground & Pet Hotel.

Pet Day Care & Pet Hotel.

Pet Cafe which located inside Molly's Petshop.

For those pawrents who want to have a rest and coffee while your furry kids can play with their furry friends at the playground.

In fact there have not many seats.

The chairs in the cafe are so unique, they are transparent and yet have cute doggies' image stickers on them, Bichon Frise, Corgi, Maltese, French Bulldig..

Have a cup of coffee while enjoy watching the furry kids playing around.

This cute baby Bichon Frise was looking at me..

Awww...This Bichon Frise baby is super cute, the moment his grandma walked him in to the cafe from the entrance of the car park he already knew the place and rushed speedily with his cute little bum to the playground gate. I supposed he has used to come here to play with his furry friends.
The way he kept looking up to his grandma was like wondering why grandma took so long to open the gate. Super cute, how I wish I could hug him. 

In fact the playground is not that spacious, but big enough for those small breed babies to mingle around, and easier for the pawrents to monitor their furry kids.

They even have a very huge fridge and frozen department for pet foods.

Various kind of frozen pet foods, some are raws, some are cooked.

Yeah! It's time to pay our loots for the babies at home. Of course that's the daddy's job..
Honey, look here and say cheese.. :P

Yahoo! Babies, Mommy's coming home with all your thingy ya.

Bye Starfield until then! It was very satisfied shopping experience for both of us.


-From Jamsil Station ( Seoul Subway Line 2 )
-Exit 7 to Jamsil Station Bus Stop, Take Bus no 9302 to Starfield Hanam Bus Stop.


750, Misa-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do


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