Wednesday, 31 August 2011

5 Lovely Things In South Island Of New Zealand

Just back from New Zealand two days ago, that was a lovely and peaceful country indeed. Friendly folks, reliable accommodations, magnificent scenery, great foods, best social morality, leisure and comfort country. We had got our self-drive rental car on the very first day reached Christchurch Airport, it was totally convenient for us where we took the rental car just a footsteps distance from the airport. The rental car agency did provide a Volkswagen 4WD vehicle for us, it's powerful, comfort and capable car which allowed to drive through lightly snow and icy roads due to the former weather( late Winter). I was so impressed of 5 things in NZ besides the magnificent scenery, amiable folks, great foods....

The first thing- We were so impressed while refuelling petrol at the gas station in NZ, I was wondering how good social morality of New Zealand peoples are, where we could just directly stop the car, get down, pull out the nozzle and fill the petrol, then walk to the cashier tell out your number and pay, what a self-regulation people and country, I just couldn't assume how worst it's gonna be if this being implemented in my country, guess most of the civilian would run away right after filling the petrol without paying any..haha. That's why I felt so safe and secured while being in NZ.

The second thing-  I extremely fond of those lovely and creative mailboxes along the routes we went from east coast to west coast and along southbound of the South Island NZ...
Fish statue mailbox?

Who left his shoe on it? ^^

Using the <Ice/ Grit> sign board either?

The third thing- The NZ region official always has a creation and humorous idea for the admonish sign boards along the ways, I had never get tired of seeing them, seeking of them and taking photos on them..just love it.
<Drink Drive Die>

Exceeding the limit of 100km/h....and the cross will be you...

<Beware Icy Roads>

<Will It Be You? Slow Down!>

<Distracted Drivers Are Dangerous>

<The Finishing Post, Don't Race, Slow Down>

<Distracted Drivers Are Dangerous>

<Distracted Drivers Are Dangerous>

<Queenstown-Too Lovely To Litter>

The forth thing- I've noticed that NZ people rather live scattered than crowded area, that's why numerous of small towns are founded in South Island which merely have rare inhabitants staying of every each of them, hence the roads always seem so desolate and quiet, and I love that somehow...Therefore while traveled southbound along the ways, most of the bridges were constructed as <One Lane Bridge> which only allowed the cars in one side(one lane) to get through simultaneously. I wonder how it could be if happened in my country? How would the crash rate increase rapidly? But in NZ, the people are using its wisely without any serious car crash happened..admire ^^

The fifth thing- I've discovered that on the route from Greymouth to Fox Glacier, the electric poles look like a row of cross standing along the roads...Have I be too oversensitive on it? Perhaps it was just a coincidence or the local official set it up on purpose trying to warn the drivers to drive carefully :P



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