Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dip And Drip, Baskin Robbins!

I love ice-cream! there is no doubt about it..The weather is hot, what would you like to taste? Ice-cream always would be my first choice.. Yes, this I'm gonna tell you all about Baskin Robbins Ice-Cream..

I was so attracted by this "Ice-Cream Fondue" at the display counter of Baskin Robbins, while I was shopping at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall yesterday. I just couldn't take my eyes off it, what a eye-catching dessert....Of cause, I have stepped in finding a nice place and wanted to taste it no matter what...

Haha...We have ordered the " Ice-Cream Fondue ", yes!

Where's my ice-cream fondue? I've lost my patience! Fondue, fondue....At the meanwhile I realised that I was wearing the clothes with same theme colour as Baskin Robbins..haha..What a coincidence.^^

Finally our "Ice-Cream Fondue" was ready..look awesome!

The tiny ice-cream balls were so cute, easy to be eaten, I could even put the entire ice-cream ball into my mouth at one time without humanity dessert ^^

Varieties flavor of ice-cream balls, which one you love..???

How tiny you a tiny snow ball..I'm gonna eat you up! Hehe..

This is one of the "snow ball" you see it..later you don't ^^

Dip, dip, dip...drip, drip, drip...

Tadaa...It's ready, fully covered with dense and creamy chocolate..yummy~

You wanna try?

See my ice-cream ball...? You can't see clearly? Please get closer... you can see clearly, huge enough? Your saliva has dribble from your mouth?

Uuummm~ yummy!

Dip and drip again~

If you feel the ice-creams are too sweet and greasy, neutralize with these fruits (Grapes, Strawberries...), the sour texture will gonna raise up your spirit..haha..

Strawberry was going to be dipped in, I was red before ...Now I'm becoming "Hazel chocolate"..Magic!!!

 We have eaten half of it in one breath, amazing!!!

We dip, You drip.

See our dish? We've almost done..Unbelievable!!!
This is what I strongly recommend to everyone of you, "Ice-Cream Fondue" of Baskin Robbins looks huge portion but just nice for couple of two, or kids and family..Couple as us are rather raise up our temperaments and interests on dipping and dripping while having ice-cream fondue, instead of any one two scoops ice-cream in cup or on waffers...Do you agree with me? Have a try~


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