Monday, 15 August 2011

Glittering Lucerne Fasnacht, End Of Winter In Switzerland

Every year, towards the end of winter, Carnival (Fasnacht) breaks out in the streets, alleyways and squares of the old town in Lucerne. This is a glittering outdoor party, where chaos and merriness reign and nothing is as it normally is. Strange characters in fantastic masks and costumes make their way through the alleyways, while carnival bands (Guggenmusigen) blow their instruments in joyful cacophony and thousands of bizarrely clad people sing and dance away the winter.
We were lucky enough to join such a  big carnival in Switzerland on the second day (15 Feb 2010) we reached at Lucerne. I  love Switzerland, the peoples were great and friendly not like some other European countries, don't fond of Asian peoples so much. Switzerland is beautiful and peaceful country, that's definitely no doubt and uncontroversial I suppose. I had took plenty of photos of those beautiful faces, friendly smiles, fancy masks and bizarre costumes, yet seem to be not enough for me to narrate and convey my genuine glittering mood and feelings at that moment and kinda environment, so you gotta experience for yourself, you won't be regret trust me! ^^

We both love Switzerland, cold in weather but warm in heart...the peoples were so friendly, amiable and cordial, me and my hubby both could feel the passion of the peoples and the carnival..

Adorable baby in custome, felt like wanna kiss her..muuaakk~

Vast crowds in everywhere..but you wouldn't feel the fears but joyful..

Beautiful little girl shot under my camera...

A bunch of youngster, haha..I felt young again...

Charming boy was smiling at me while I took the photo of the band...I love your smile and I felt great..

Haha..they seem like clown and joker...

A big nice guy..^^

Haha...The Super Mario's family, but the daddy had ran away, out of the scene, too bad :(

Who were they? Witch family? I guess they must have a beautiful and handsome faces under that horror masks..hehe..

This guy was cool, I love his wig..haha...

haha..two man in bed sheet...

Mr Vampire, please don't bite me..I'm waiting for my "Edward"...hehe..

Gypsy woman or witch? Whoever... she's beautiful...

Posing with cowboys...

Haha..gotcha..these two little girls kept throwing the colourful shredded papers toward us and anyone walking by..See their plastic bag, full of shredded papers..

Wow! Those guys were tall ( In fact I'm too short ^^), cool~ I love their funny wigs... hubby got the chance to pose with these two pretty girls...Are they twins? They look so alike, but pretty anyway ^^

Cheers~ There were a stall where the hot liquor was provided, totally Free Of Charge..too bad, I'm allergic of alcohol, can't drink...

Haha..The daddy elf and the baby elf...

Look at this cute little baby elf, smiling at me all the way..Baby elf, did you know with this tempting smile I couldn't help to snatch you away from you daddy?

Scaryyy~ Ware wolf..grrrrr...

Two little handsome boy, another twin ^^

Haha...little fairy~

Bob The Builder's family?

Omg! I've caught by a bunch of Vampires..

Say cheeseeee.....^^

Another fairy's family?

Monster in white?

Two blind rats, let me lead your way~

Hey,pretty girl, what happen to your pretty face? Has anyone bully you?


These two guys were funny and friendly, but they were seemingly drunk, I could tell from the smell..hehe..

But they were really amiable and cordial kind of person...God bless you, guys!

In the crowd~

I was so happy and have lots of fun here~

These couple have toasted to us~ ^^

My hubby was clamped by two charming ladies..what a lucky man..haha..

Cute baby with moustache..haha..

The lady with two-sided of faces...hehe..

Reuss River, Lucerne Switzerland..magnificent view..I love this place so much..

I was standing on the bridge infornt of Capel Bridge (Kapellbrucke), it's a covered wooden footbridge spanning diagonally across the Ruess River, Lucerne.

The Carnival was celebrated untill midnight, you still can feel the heat of the town at night..

The verdict of the Switzerland trip is great, fun, fascinating, remarkable, magnificent place and many many more adjective to praise this beautiful place, Lucerne Switzerland..I hope I can be coming back to you again in future~

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