Friday, 12 August 2011

Sweat And Hot Bali Island

Bali Island was my second trip abroad, my first impression of Bali since the very first of my feet stepped on the ground at Denpasar was the Bali peoples were so friendly, the amiable customs officer did welcome us with smile and greetings, we felt so warm. Peoples were warm, so were the weather either. We did rent a motorcycle for wandering the whole island, in fact Bali is a very small island. That really made us sweating a lot, it was killing me, cuz I'm kinda allergy to scorching sun..haha..

We were staying at Hard Rock Hotel, it was a pretty cool hotel I've ever stayed, they have a very big pool, variety of guitars were displayed on the entire hotel wall that I couldn't even count.

The giant guitar at the entrance Hard Rock Hotel, cool~

We had joined a sunset dinner at Jimbaran Beach on the first day which arranged by the hotel, they did sent a car that evening for fetching us to the seaside restaurant. We picked the first row of table which facing the entire horizon of sea & sunset without any shield blocking. We were lucky enough to enjoy our dinner that evening in such beautiful sunset scene without covered by cloud and raining neither, thanks God! It was a very romantic dinner with the sunset & candle light at night, so remarkable! Honestly speaking, the foods served were not tasty at all, however we were very satisfied, for nothing but the sake of the sunset, worth it!

Haha..How do I look in this pose?

Omg!!! Jimbaran Beach sunset was so beautiful, I just love the sunset awfully, the setting sun is incredibly beautiful but too fast to disappear..

This was the restaurant which we took our sunset dinner, there had many other restaurants at the same row which had the same view either, perhaps we shall try the other ones next time :P

Wow! Shopping time! I had grabbed some souvenirs to get back for friends, mostly were aromas, varieties of aromas you could find it here, aroma candle, aroma bath soap, aroma incense stick,  aroma oil and many more. Bali is famous of their aroma, batik, sculpture & many other handicrafts. Therefore aroma is one of the "Must Buy" souvenir in Bali. 

A very magnificent view of the beach. The photo has taken while I was in Discovery Shopping Mall, there have a very beautiful shore behind the shopping mall, but too bad it was raining at that time..

Giant chess game and cool decorations in Hard Rock Hotel's garden, place for relaxing your mind..

Hard Rock Hotel do provided several tiny pavilions in the pool to rent out for relaxing and changing as well, cool!!!

The bar counter located in the center of the pool...Wanna have a drinks here? You gotta jump down to the pool beforehand to get it..of cuz not with your pajamas and your evening dress neither..haha..
Overall the Bali trip was fun and interesting, but one only thing should bear in mind is we MUST Beware and on the alert when we are looking for "Money Changer" in town, we should go and find those reliable, secure ones which are licensed, instead of those who offer better exchange rate but no proper signboard, shop and counter. This was our true experience, I'm not kidding, my hubby has to be hypnosis by the guy of the Money Changer, my hubby gave the guy all his money in the wallet for no reason, luckily I was there, and I'm kinda skeptical person, I saw the guy was holding the money pretending counting the money & showing us the digits of every piece of money (wonder why he needed to show that). I asked my hubby what's goin on but he ignored me, so I stepped a bit behind the counter where the guy was standing and I saw him tried to throw part of the money to the floor, and I yelled to my hubby to get back the money, the guy kept asking me to stepped infornt of the counter where I couldn't see what he was doing, finally my hubby seemingly clear-headed a bit after I had yelled many time to him, then my hubby asked back all the money form the guy, at the meanwhile I kept observing the guy behind the counter to make sure he couldn't play any trick on me.That was such a frightful experience in Bali, the guy even looked like a terrorist, thanks God we could escape from the pirate ship eventually. By then everyone, please beware of these kind of trick. After all most of the people and customs officers were friendly ^^

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