Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Warm Breeze Blowing Your Mind, Enjoy Your Summer In Redang Island

Yes, warm sea breeze totally blowing your mind in Redang Island. The main Redang Island is the biggest island among the nine islands of Redang archipilago which located off the east coast of Malaysia, can be access from Merang Jetty, Terengganu on boat arranged by the island resort...White sandy beach, crystal clear blue sea, brilliant underwater world that abound with marvolous marine fishes, turtles and coral reefs that ensure snorkelling and scuba-diving..That's the reason why my hubby and I have been getting there almost every years on the begining 4,5 years ever since we had married, a perfect place for driving away all the cares and annoyance.

The crystal clear sea blue..beautiful

The third year of our marriage...still sweet..

Bringing my niece along on our anniversary vacation, she was still a baby..

We were happy to bring my niece along although on our anniversary, we had never ever thought she was a burden or trouble to us, after all she's a good behaved girl, and she has never been harassing us ^^

My niece was so excited being there, the white soft sand and the refreshing cool blue sea entirely rised up our mood to the max..Cool~ 

Happy family poses with my little niece~

My little niece has found a new friend at Redang Island, a girl from France ( If I'm not mistaken) named Mary even though there were kinda language obstruction between both of them ( my niece couldn't speak France, and Mary couldn't speak English)...and I have joined the sand game with the two little girls, now we were three little girls, hahaha..

The forth year of our mariage, still went to Redang for celebrating our anniversary..haha..loyalty!

Ah ha~ I was luring the squirrel with the pastry..haha..it was getting to be lured, come on baby~

Happy moment with my family~

I was going to be terribly sun burnt..oh my God!

This was the first time my hubby brought me to Redang Island...the seawater seem to be more dark blue in colour...

We've joined the snorkelling activities to Marine Park with boat which operated by the resort, be prepared to get into the ocean, I was kinda nervous because this was my very first time for snorkelling ever..gosh!

Loving posesss....

I was collecting some dead shell on shore...

Posing, posing~

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