Monday, 5 September 2011

Breathtaking In Award Winning Cafe- Matheson Cafe With Unsurpassed Views Of Mt Cook n Tasman

Matheson Cafe is a breakfast, lunch or dinner experience not to miss when visiting Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier. It's a award winning cafe boasting unsurpassed view of Mt Cook and Mt Tasman. It is located at the entrance of Lake Matheson- New Zealand's most famous photograph stop and a must-do visitor attraction and even one of NZ's most scenic icon. The Lake Matheson walking track winds through ancient native rainforest and has three fantastic viewing platforms along the journey. A full circuit of the lake takes between 1 – 1.5 hours but you can do a shorter walk by going to jetty view point and back, approx 30 – 40 minutes return.You can have a award wining cuisine and relax before or after a walk to Lake Matheson or after your day on the Fox Glacier or Franz Josef Glacier.

 'Picture Perfect' reflections of New Zealand's highest peaks, Mt Cook & Mt Tasman can be captured in the dark waters of this ancient lake formed by the retreat of the Fox Glacier. The best time to capture the perfect reflection is at dawn or dusk, before there is any breeze.The dark colour and protection from the wind provide a smooth surface which projects a mirror image of its surrounds.

Truly breathtaking after the Lake Matherson walk and our day on Fox Glacier, hugely exhausted...

I'm gonna order <Strawberry n Kiwifruits Herbal Tea>..had never tasted before..

Freshy fruit on the counter...

<Apricot Fudge>, looks yummy!

Drinking water supplied...

My <Strawberry and Kiwifruits Herbal Tea>, it's reddish...fascinating~

Nothing would be better than have a cup of tea or coffee and immersed in heavenly environment looking toward magnificent vista of Mt Cook and Mt Tasman, a cold breeze definitely released from all your mortal life's burdens...

It tastes sour...but not bad, good for health...

Yummy < Apricot Fudge>..

Lovely <Cuppucino> design~

We were hoping that we could gaze the duration onward, therefore we could release all the burdens from mortal life and completely escape from the reality forever...

Hate to leave those picturesque places..yet we were compelled to do so due to the air-temperature getting low..It wasn't snowing even though in late of Winter but it was freezing out there :P

Address:  Lake Matheson Rd (PO Box 86), Fox Glacier, Westland
Telephone:  +64 3 751 0878
Fax:  +64 3 751 0876

Open Hours: 7 days

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