Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cook Saddle Cafe And Saloon, Fox Glacier

Cook Saddle Cafe and Saloon is located in the heart of Fox Glacier township offers variety of menu options at reasonable prices for the locals and visitors, and it also fulls of local history. Fox Glacier is one of the highlights of the South Island of New Zealand and also one of the most accessible glaciers in the world, and it's township is 6km away from the glacier. Although it attracts thousands of visitors each year, yet you still can immediately feel relaxed in its intimate, village atmosphere once you reach Fox Glacier. It has a stunning outlook across surrounding farms and offers breathtaking views of New Zealand’s highest peaks Aoraki (Mt Cook) and Mt Tasman.
When the night comes, you will feel even more peaceful and quiet atmosphere around you. The main road totally uninhabited not even a car gets through, you can definitely lay down yourself in the middle of the roads and observe a multitude of star in the sky with your naked eyes that you had never seen in urban area, so beautiful...haha..
Though it's completely quiet and peaceful outside the houses, but you will absolutely feel the different atmosphere of warm, comfort and human emotions when you step into the "Cook Saddle Cafe & Saloon".

Quiet and calm outdoor atmosphere along the main road of Fox Glacier...Looks like a "Cowboy Town", as if I have walked into the time tunnel...I love the mood anyway.

The menu of variety foods and beverages..

The saloon...

Romantic and warm mood is on~

Laughters of everyones and the fireplace completely warm up the atmosphere in the cafe and saloon, I love the feeling...

My <Ginger Beer>...I love it cuz it's not tastes like beer, In fact I'm none alcoholic person :P

My honey's <Amstel Light Beer>..

Wow! Huge <Fish & Chips>..yummy!!!

<Pork Spare Ribs> is incredibly tasty with its special famous BBQ style sauce..It's also one of the famous dishes of Cook Saddle..You shouldn't miss it, MUST TRY!!! ^^

The history on the wall....

Even though we were told to be wait rather longer for the dishes get prepared while taking the orders due to they were lacked of staffs whereas the customers were many, yet we were surprised the dishes was served within 15minutes, I didn't see any problem of it, 15minutes seems to be normal duration for me in my country..haha..Gotta admit that NZ peoples are efficient, lovely~

Blaze of fireplace kept me warm always...

The Saloon...

Just love the environment and ancient deco in the house, seem like full of local history and stories from days gone by...

Address:  Cook Saddle Cafe & Saloon Main Road, P O Box 29 Fox Glacier Westland, NZ
Phone:  +64 3 751 0700
Fax:      +64 3 751 0809

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