Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Earth And Sky Observatory Tour To Astro Cafe Mt John

The mountain top celebrated Astro Cafe is located at Mt John, Lake Tekapo of New Zealand's South Island which is fully enclosed with glass has a spectacular 360 degree vista of the Turquoise water of Lake Tekapo, Mackenzie Basin, Southern Alps and Aoraki Mount Cook from the top of Mount John Observatory. They do offer <Day Tour> and <Night Tour> of the Observatory which can be requested in the cafe. For the <Day Tour> which on clear days, you can even use a solar telescope to view the nearest turbulent star, the Sun, in addition to using a powerful telescope to find a star in the blue skies overhead. And they also open the Cafe at night for the guests attending <Star Tour (Night Tour)> and a complimentary Hot Chocolate by candlelight is offerred while contemplate the breathtaking night sky that Lake Tekapo is famous for.. The Mackenzie District is renowned for the clarity of its sky and freedom from light pollution, which is why numerous of people flock here annually to see the southern stars and transient phenomenon such as aurora, meteor showers and the zodiacal light.
Astro Cafe is fully enclosed with glass gives gorgeous panoramic vista of celebrated scenic spots such as Lake Tekapo, Mackenzie Basin, Southern Alps and Aoraki Mount Cook..

Stunning turquoise water of Lake Tekapo...

Gorgeous cafe and gorgeous surroundings...It was freezing with its strong gales out there hence we need to dodge ourselves in the cafe rapidly before we were frozen..

Incredible and unblockable vista overview from the cafe....

Nice deco...

Ordering some hot drinks and desserts for the affernoon refreshment ^^

Get some informations of the <Day and Night Tour> of the Observatory from the cafe...

No Aliens, pleaseeee...haha..

Selling some merchandises in the cafe..

A visitor's book is provided, please leave your info and comments on it....

(Left) A giant telescope.  ( Right) The pamphlet for <Stargazzing Night Tour> and <Observatory Day Tour>...

Lovely painting of starry night...

(Above) My Honey's Cappucino...  ( Bottom ) My Hot Lemon n Honey adding a liitle bit gingers made my body warmer..

Paramount enjoyment with the great desserts, great hot drinks and magnificent overviewing of the surroundings..
The Carrot Cake is yummy attached a scoop of vanilla ice-cream..

Cherish the sweet moments of ours...

The perfect refreshment of the afternoon...

Cold strong gales...it was freezing, I was seemed to be blown away downhill..yet I love the feelings of being there..

"Where Earth meets Sky"...

Tekapo Walkway is the another option to access up to Mt John Observatory in addition to drive by car, but kinda exhausted I supposed.. 

Don't forget get ready with your camera while getting down from Mt John, you will be regret to miss those magnificent vistas of every bend of the route...

Picturesque view on the way of downhill.. We were driving downhill to the vicinity historic church < Church Of The Good Shepherd ( Click Here ) >, another attraction well known for its imposing and beautiful surroundings where couples will never forget for the rest of their life, for whom have had their vows before the large panoramic altar window in the church. 

Address:Mount John Observatory
Lake Tekapo
Phone:+64 3 680 6960
Fax:+64 3 680 6950
Email:mailto:info@earthandsky.co.nz?subject=Enquiry from Lake Tekapo i-SITE
Web Site: http://www.earthandsky.co.nz/
 open from 10am to 5pm during winter (9am to 6pm in summer)


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