Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Recipe: Sambal Chili Fish 三吧辣椒鱼

Ingredients Blended ( For Sambal Chili) 
1 packet       Dried Chili
3 bulb          Onion
2 bulb          Garlic
5-6 bulb      Shallot
1 tbsp          Balacan
( This ingredients of sambal chili can be prepared more and frozen into freezer beforehand, and can be stir fry adding some salts and sugars until fragrant for other dishes.)

2                 Fish
2 stalk         Lemongrass

1 tsp           Salt ( or as desires )
1-2 tbsp     Oyster Sauce ( or as desires )
0.5 tsp        Ajinomoto

1.Mixture dried chili ( soak the dried chili into hot water to soften them beforehand ), onion, garlic, balacan with blender.
2.Heat up 2 tbsp oil into wok n stir fry the chili mixture until fragrant.
3.Then put the lemongrass n stir fry together.
4.Put in the fish and stir fry awhile.
5.At last pour in some water and bring to boil, then add seasoning ( salt, oyster sauce, ajinomoto ) n taste it as ur preferences. (oyster sauce is depends on individual preferences, can add or without, as long as u r pleased with its taste, some people wants more salty some people loves more sweet).
6.Now the dishes is ready to be served

This is the recipe which my mum had imparted to me, I guess it's easy to prepare, isn't it ?

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