Saturday, 1 October 2011

Amazing Puzzling World Of Wanaka, New Zealand

Welcome to “Puzzling World of Wanaka” ( the heart of the breathtaking lake regions of Southern Island of New Zealand) which has astonished and amused the visitors from all over the world with its unique world’s first modern-styled style “Great Maze”, amazing “Illusion Rooms”, the “Puzzle Centre /Café”, the large “Gift Shop” and eccentric architecture and fantastic oddities, absolutely a must-see attraction on your New Zealand itinerary. Trust me everyone in all ages would spend an hours in this amusement puzzling eccentricity where they couldn’t even get rid of using their brains, that’s the good ones.

Before entering the “Puzzle Centre”, we have immediately attracted by the eccentric architectures as the “Leaning Tower Of Wanaka”, it has been pulled out of the ground and balanced on one corner at 53degrees whereas the “Leaning Tower Of Pisa” merely leans at 6 degrees, unbelievable! The leaning design of structure has also became the hot spot of taking photos by all the visitors. It’s truly amused taking photos with hilarious and crazy poses of any angle of the tower.

Leaning Tower” is moving backward. It was started on the stroke of midnight of the year which means we are going back into the 20th century..

Another attraction is the “Roman Style Toilet”, it worths photograph either. Since it’s in the center of the usual ladies and gents, you won’t gonna miss it whenever entering the public toilet of “ Puzzling World Of Wanaka”.

Hall Of Following Faces” is one of the illusion rooms,  once entering the hall, there are168 giant models of famous faces seem to turn and follow you around the room. It’s weird yet amazed being followed up and down, left and right by those legendary persons.

Entering the”Tilted House” of the Illusion Rooms where the room is tilted at an angle of 15 degrees and yet the displays inside are normal. I felt kinda dizzying once entering the room because the illusion is so strong that our brains are convinced the room can’t be sloping. The illusion is bending our brain, we gotta slope our body all the way in the room, it’s incredible!

Do you believe our bodies can be deformed as Alice did in “Alice In Wonderland”? So get ready to be amazed while entering “Ames Forced Perspective Room” of Illusion Rooms. This technique of the illusion has been used in “The Lord Of The Ring” film to create the tall and the little peoples. Through the view of the window from the outside of the room looks completely normal. Me and my honey could be giant and the dwart and exchanged to one another just a split second, amazing!

Every single thing in the “Illusion Rooms” is definitely brain consuming, as we should be using our brains oftenly, shouldn’t  we?

After exhausting our brains in the “Illusion Rooms”, we decided to have some refreshment at the “Puzzle Centre/Café” before moving onto the “Great Maze”. However the tables are full of puzzling things, therefore we were having the light refreshment, in the meanwhile we tried out the puzzles on the table, but I didn’t able to complete anyone of them, guess I was kinda brainless.

          Great atmosphere with great view while having some refreshment in the “Puzzle Centre and Café”.

The “Great Maze” is an exhausting game ever...but we enjoyed so much. Its passange is 1.5km after all.

There have four corner towers to find out before find the way out instead of just find the way out like any other labyrinths, this is the first of the world’s modern style mazes.

Finding, finding, finding..yes! Four of the towers have been found within 20minutes...Finding the towers are not a problem, but finding the way out definitely is. It’s exhausting and we were totally in a trance, yet we were not reconciled to get out through the emergency exit or cheating by climbing over the bridge. Eventually we have taken about 1 hour to find the way out, gosh! Luckily the climate was cold enough.

Eventually we have found the way out. We have achieved within 1hour20min...Victory! In spite of it’s a truly exhausting game, yet it’s fascinating and we still have lots of fun. Seemingly it has designed to intrigue people of ALL ages not only kids.

The both stamps on our hands for entering the “Illusion Rooms” and “The Great Maze”. Amazing “Puzzling World of Wanaka”, don’t gonna miss it while you are happen to be in Wanaka.

Address:         188 Wanaka Luggate Hwy 84 Wanaka 9382
Phone:             03 443 7489 
Fax:                 03 443 7486
Post:                PO Box 95 · Wanaka · New Zealand

Open hour:     8.30am daily and last admission times are 5.30pm (Summer)
                       8.30am daily and last admission time are 5.00pm (Winter).
                       (Christmas Day 10am to 3pm).

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