Friday, 21 October 2011

Manneken Pis Shaped Belgium Chocolate In Artistic Brussels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and hosts the headquarters of the European Union. Besides it's also the largest urban region in Belgium. Nevertheless historic Brussels seemingly an art gallery with its architectures and art pieces in every detail which it has renowned with its artist scene ever since a long time ago. Brussles is also known for its waffle, chocolate, french fries and numerous of beers, so don't be missed to grab some of the items.

<Atomium> is a monument of Brussels in Heysel Park..It has an outstanding designs where its 9 steel spheres connected by tubes vertice to the center and also enclose escalators connecting the spheres that containing exhibit halls and other public spaces. It forms a model of an iron crystal and built for the 1958 World's Fair. The top sphere provides the panoramic view of Brussels.

We took the photo infront the building of <The Brussels Stock Exchange> (right), and we were about to start our day tour in the center of the city of Brussels, we have had our fast lunch in McDonald's beforehand to ensure we have enough energies for the day roaming.

The atmosphere of arts and literatures encircled every move we made..

The garish display of a row of Belgium Chocolate in <Manneken Pis> statue, gorgeous!

We certainly wouldn't miss the chances to grab some lovely and yummy Belgium Chocolates for ourselves and friends in hometown..We were being sort of dazzled while picking the chocolates, they have various sorts and variety of colors, we were kinda shilly-shally to make up our minds..

Wow! This huge <Manneken Pis> shaped of Belgium Chocolate was so delightful..wish to bring it back but it was for displayed only, too bad!

<Manneken Pis> for real...The bronze fountain sculpture portrays a small naked boy urinating into the fountain's basin is the famous landmark in Brussels and symbol of the city.

The Maison du Roi (King's House), or Broodhuis (Breadhouse) (left). The <Grand Place> is the most important tourist attraction and the most memorable landmark in Brussels where the square is surrounded by The Town Hall and Maison Du Roi (middle of right).

In every two years on August, The <Grand Place> attracts numerous of tourists with its enormous flower carpet set up in pattern using million colourful begonias for a couple of days. Too bad we were there on February, we had missed the event...

The Brussels Town Hall (bottom left & right).  The locals do believe that make a wish and rub the statue of Everardt Serclaes and your wish will come to be fulfilled, therefore we can easily spot that the body depicted in the statue in brilliant and shinning compares to the rest of the sculpture due to constantly polishing on it. Besides the angel's face, the dog and one of the shields are also touched frequently by the tourists for bringing lucks (top of left).

The over- friendly souvenir shop owner who kept observing of beautiful girls around, and told my honey that he was the lucky guy (left).  There were many peoples (I called them artists) sitting around the <Grand Place> sketching the magnificent view of its structures, marvelous (bottom right).

Location map of Grand Place Brussels

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