Friday, 7 October 2011

Black Forest Germany- The Origin Of Snow White Fairy Tales

The Black Forest is beside the Bavarian Forest, the largest low mountain range of Germany. It is particularly famous for its expanded forests, valleys, little cities, nature-left rivers, Black Forest Cake and of course the Cuckoo Clock. Perhaps many of us didn't know that the well known fairy tale <Snow White> was origin from here, Black Forest of Germany.

A walking distance to the restaurant opposite to the Titisee.

Breathtaking view of those wooded mountain range of Black Forest...

Waiting to be seated for our authentic German Lunch.

German famous cuisine Pork Knuckle Roast (Top left) and Black Forest Cake (Bottom right), are foods "must try" being in Black Forest Region Germany. I love the <Pork Knuckle Roast>, yet it's kinda huge portion, I didn't able to finish it even though I wanted to. <Black Forest Cake> was served as our desserts. Its tasted like rum flavor and totally different compared to those I used to eat before, guess this should be the ordinary taste of Black Forest Cake as this is the place of origin for Black Forest Cake. I didn't much font of it as I'm a non alcoholic person, I think it was rather bitter taste, I prefer those non geniune one with sweet taste.

The girl was showing us the demonstration of making a Cuckoo Clock, interesting...

The Black Forest Cuckoo Clock is one product that made this area so famous..

Varieties of Cuckoo clocks displayed everywhere in the shop, large, regular, small, portable, music or fascinating.

Time for choosing some souvenirs...

Magnificent view of ice-bound Titisee (Titi Lake) in Wintertime, the major attraction within the Black Forest area, nevertheless we were advised not to enter toward the lake avoiding accident caused by ice-cracking, and we were definitely abiding the loyal advice.

Giant Cockoo Clock outdoor, the world largest Cockoo Clock...

Adorable kid was playing snow ball...

Titisee...breathtaking view...

Location map of Titisee, Black Forest

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