Monday, 24 October 2011

Eat All U Can-Restoran Talipon 任你吃-电话饭店

<Restoran Talipon 电话饭店>  as we seen from the name of the restaurant, no one knows what sort of cuisine is served in there.  <Talipon> means "Telephone" in Malaysian language, what can be probably they served with the name of that? In fact the answer to the riddle is "grilled and steamboat buffet restaurant". It serves cheap all-you-can-eat BBQ and steamboat buffet at only Rm 22 ++per pax. This was my first time visited again to this restaurant ever since my last visited which had been more than 10 years ago. It was merely Rm 18++ per pax on 10 years back if I'm not mistaken, seems like it didn't increase much in price.

If you prepare to be satisfied with mouthful, do come earlier before 7pm ( it opens at 6pm or 6.30pm I supposed), otherwise time is limited for you to gobble all-you-can-eat foods, kinda waste. Numerous selection of foods you can grab for both grilled and steamboat as preference such as varieties seafoods, marinated meat (pork, chicken, beef and mutton), varieties balls (meatballs, fishballs, cuttlefish balls etc..), flour category (noodle, yee mee, mee hoon etc..), all kinds of vegetables, fruits, desserts as ice-cream & shaved ice (ice kacang, ABC, jendol etc...), if you are yet not to be satisfied with these foods, there is a cooked food section for you such as curry chickens, fried mee hoon etc..   

Me and my honey both had loaded a table of meats for both grilled and steamboat..because we were extremely starving due to the grilled meat fragrance flow to us in all directions from other tables constantly.

The marinated meats (pork, chicken, beef..) are well absorbed, taste real good especially for carnivorous like me, all sort of meats will be definitely fine to me..haha..

Varieties seafoods, with or without gravy are completely great in taste either..

For those who go on a diet can choose steamboat as your cooking method, not so greasy, strongly flavored nor high calories..For me, I rather love grilled method to get my foods cooked despite I'm still on my diet, who cares, after all food comes first, ethical niceties comes second ^^

Meatball always be my first choice in steamboating..yeah!

Smoke gets in our eyes? No, more than just eyes, our bodies, hairs, clothes everything we carried along were fully fumigated by soots more than 2 hours, hence the smell lasted until we took our showers..haha..but worth it ^^

I made this <ABC> on my own for the very first time, not bad huh? Ingredients could be added as much as I wish..perfectly contented :-)

The "left over" fact nothing left...

Address:     1 Jalan Indrahana 1/114A, Taman Indrahana, Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:             03-79802323

Location map of Restoran Talipon

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