Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Experience Apple & Grape Picking At Sobetsu Hokkaido

This was definitely my very first time experinced apples and grapes picking ever. My dreams came to be fulfilled while we went to Hokkaido, Japan. It's an extremely beautiful place especially during Autumn time, that was why we have been. Sobetsu Fruit Village is a sightseeing farm with 21 orchards in Sobetsu, Hokkaido Japan.

Look at those mellow and full grapes, it was tempting my appetite.

Guess what, I've been taking plenty of photos with grapes but merely tasted a couple grain of it, sounds crazy because we had paid for it in admission. Didn't seem like me, did I? It was all because this variety of grapes were flavoring of rum, and I couldn't stand for the smell of alcohol ever since, but my honey like them.

Choose any one you like and cut it off and make sure you finish it before exiting, or you are gonna pay for those in the bucket otherwise.

Wow! I prefered apples, they were absolutely juicy, crunchy, sweet, fresh and tasty, it caused my salivas dripped. It was too juicy to eat more because its moisture contents definitely causing us stuffed enough.

Enjoyed picking apples...

Relaxed sitting on the table to be prepared, my honey cut the apple in pieces and started to eat them all. I just love the atmosphere being in the orchard, the Autumn's weather was just comforted me perfectly.

Haha..the tiny baby apples, I have picked the dropped one from the ground for photos, because we had been told everyone is strictly not to pick the baby apples, it's forbidden and please bear in mind.
Eventually we didn't buy any of them, we were returning the empty bucket, we were completely stuffed eating them after all.

Address:      Tourism Orchard Kokawa, Sobetsu, Usu District, Hokkaido Japan.

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