Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Flourishing Blossom Spring Walk- Karlovy Vary Of Prague, Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary has stunning and breathtaking view during Spring with its flourishing blossom all over the areas. Scents of blooming freshness and rising sun totally rouses our spirits and souls. A blaze of color of blossom truly bright up the town. Besides, the town is also a world-class spa where various diseases such as diabetes, gastrointestinal, periodontitis, liver, pancreas, gallbladder & biliary tract and many more have been treated here with the help of its specific composed thermal mineral springs for more than 650 years.

Various flowers with its enchanting colors of yellow and red..garish and beautiful ...

Gaudy blossom has created an unlimited vivid scenes for us...just great for photographs taking...

I was trying hard to contend for supreme beauty with those garish flowers..guess I was the loser..haha..

The Tulips are perfectly gorgeous...

Blooming flowers were splendid all over the lovely town...

Blooming tree with its dazzling flowers...We were posing infront of the Grandhotel Pupp ( middle of left ) which appears in James Bond film <Casino Royale >as Hotel Splendide In Montenegro and also < Last Holiday > in 2006. 

Fascinating views..

Magnificent spots of every detail in town.

I was amused by this giant musical keyboard. Step on the melody with your feet..

Sun shining Spring day...

Lovely town of Karlovy Vary.

The Hot Spring Colonnade...

3 different temperatures of Springs water (30', 50' and 72' ) are provided to be tasted. 79 sources with different yields, only 13 are used for drinking cures. Mineral waters are analogous in their basic composition, yet due to different temperatures and carbon dioxide content they have different effects.The colder springs regularly have a slightly laxative effect; warmer springs have a calming effect, slowing down the secretion of bile and gastric juices. However the prolonged use of the water should be always consulted with the spa doctor, as the matter of fact excessive taking the mineral waters doesn't increase healing effect but harmful otherwise, just look at the flower I was holding in the picture, it was hard as rock, whereas it was a mere paper-made flower which had immersed into the mineral water about 3 weeks time...unbelievable!!!

We have bought two bottle of Becherovka as souvenirs, it's a herbal bitters vodka produced in Karlovy Vary which contents approximately 32 herbs and local Springs water as well. So do remember to purchase some for souvenirs or personal tonic drink while visit Karlovy Vary

We were using plastic bottle to fill some water from Springs for tasting, however they do sell traditional Karlovy Vary cup to imbue with springs water yet can keep as souvenir, it has various sorts of designs, small, medium, big, lovely...we did buy some of them as souvenir. For your information the springs water doesn't taste good, it's salty and rusty..probably owing to the mineral contents.

The Market Collonade.

So relaxing being in town of Karlovy Vary..but just a liitle bit scorching for me due to big sun-shining day..

Brightly sun shining day in town..everything was so alive...

This was absolutely a sun-drenched Spring season...However this is a lovely and beautiful town after all.

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