Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"Kawaii" Halloween Celebration In Tokyo Disneyland

Halloween is around the corner for October 2011, it reminds me the Halloween back on year 2010 which we have spent and celebrated in Tokyo Disneyland. It was my first time entirely immersed in such huge celebration of Halloween especially in Disneyland. I used to think Disneyland would be glittering even more during the celebration of New Year or Christmas seasons, but never on Halloween. The experience proved me wrong, I have had a wonderful and utterly different perception during Halloween in Tokyo Disneyland.

After collecting our admission tickets, it was drizzling while we were about to enter in, yet it couldn't thwart our foorsteps, we got the strong willpowers to get in no matter what as many others ^^
Tokyo Disney Resort includes 2 themepark <Tokyo Disneyland >and <Tokyo Disneysea>, however we didn't manage to enter Tokyo Disneysea due to we were lack of time

We were so surprised when seeing an uncounted numbers of Japaneses( especially girls) imitated as an expertise role models from Disney( Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Bella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty n many many more...) in costumes. I was so impressed, all of them were truly guests like we did, they were not the real role models from Disney yet willing to pose or take a photo with anyone when required, never get tired of it. They were extremely lovely and "Kawaii" neh...   

Oh my God! We've meet up with Jack Sparrow, he was kinda hard to distinguish real from imitation..haha..he was cute anyway ^^

Wow, look at those lovely and beautiful princess..I wish to dress up like them too...We could ask for taking photos with anyone of them, they refused nobody.

There was kinda vast crowd during the celebration, therefore we didn't take part many of the attrations, everywhere has an astonished long queue, yet it was never lack fun for me, I was taking photos, in the meanwhile looked for "Kawaii" stuffs ( lunch box, Halloween theme cup and plate, pop-corn bucket and many more) which I have seen many "kids" were carrying around, then I would be pulling my honey around looked for them and grabbed them as well. My honey was teasing me the way I craved for "kawaii" kids playthings, but I didn't care, as long as I'll get my stuffs..haha!!!

The evil bear- Lotso from "Toy's Story", fairy God mother, the evil Queen from "Snow White" many roles we had met..

Multitude everywhere in Tokyo Disneyland during the jubilation of Halloween..

I love this Mickey and Minnie's head popsicles, apple flavor for Minnie's head and orange flavor for Mickey's head..Too bad I could not preserve the way they look and bring back as souvenirs :-(

Another "Kawaii" stuff I was craving for...Minnie's faced dessert plate, too bad, I've got no Mickey's..

Haha..I love this, a Halloween theme Mickey's mug gave away when buying the yummy pudding..Yeah! I've grabbed another ^^

Although I was not hungry, but I love the lunch box, therefore my honey got to buy it for me..I've picked Minnie's instead of Mickey..I actually wanna have both of them deep down my heart. Look at that cute Mickey shaped ham, so grieved to eat it somehow...

Anyone notice the boxes and buckets I was dangling on my shoulder? All of them were my achievements and my honey's expenditures either, pity him had spent lots for these nonsense kid's stuffs... I love the popcorn bucket but I couldn't get Minnie's, what a regret....

Wonderful moments with honey in Tokyo Disneyland on Halloween..

Pumpkins and ghosts were everywhere, they were not creepy but lovely...

Overall the Halloween jubilation we celebreated in Tokyo Disneyland was not creepy and bogey at all, but lovely, "kawaii", gracious and amiable...I still love it be that as it may ^^

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