Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Korean Drama "Winter Sonata" Screening Once More At Nami Island

Nami Island (known as Namiseom by locals) is an offshore tiny half-moon shaped island located in ChunCheon-si city, Gwangwon-do province, South Korea. Its popularity has been increased since 2001 owing to the famous Korean TV drama-<Winter Sonata> and has successfully became one of the culture tourist attractions for Asean tourists. The place was used to film the romantic scenario for both main characters in the drama, especially the forest footpath which is surrounded by white birchs and Korean white pines all year around. We were lucky enough to get there during Winter time, and <Winter Sonata> in reality could be screening once more casting by us :P

We need to get to Nami Island by ferry with duration approximately 20 minutes. It was heavenly beautiful during Winter with its brilliant white snow covered all over the places.

It was snowing continuously and overcast sky on the day we reached Korea, therefore our surrounding was getting dark rapidly the time we touched the land of Nami Island. Nevertheless it didn't spoil any aesthetic perception of it, yet it was so picturesque to me.

The photos we took were full of white spot of snowflakes, however it has raised artistic feel to our ordinary photos even more..

We were standing on the most romantic footpath-scenario of the drama, the famous shooting spot for all the tourists. Had a delusion that we turned into the characters of the drama..haha..

It's ridiculous even some of the friends assume that we were taking the photos on an imitated stage set as background, haha..perhaps due to the lighting effect I suppose. It was getting dark by the time and we were merely relied on the illumination of the snow-cover encircle us.

We were almost frozen..but worth it anyway :-)

Romantic winter walk on the path at Namiseom with our love ones ^^

There is a small photo gallery of <Winter Sonata> tv drama, to be frank I'm not an idolator of the drama, I don't follow the show even once but I do know how the show and which part of scenes that have a real impact on people due to I've been heard of it a thousand time from people around me. Therefore we went into the gallery just to escape the cold from the outside and not for enjoying the photos, but we were shocked when discovered an ostrich was standing infront of the mirror looked at its own reflection, not even made a move..haha..guess it's sort of narcissism. Weird sight in the gallery...^^

It was totally dark on the time we were leaving, waited for our ferry to take us back to town..After all we were truly starving in the middle of a freezing weather. ^^

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