Saturday, 8 October 2011

Leisure Afternoon Tea On Blue Danube River Cruise, Budapest Hungary

 We were lucky enough to have our afternoon tea on the sightseeing cruise during our tour to Budapest Hungary last Spring, which was gliding through blue <Danube River>-the Europe's second longest river and it's classified as an International Waterway, which has devided the city into two parts ( BudaPest). It offers the breathtaking sights of both river banks as Matthias Church, Fishermen's Bastion, Budapest ParliamentGresham Place and all the historic Castle District. The cruise also gliding through 3 of the main bridges-Chain Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge and Liberty Bridge which link both parts of the city ( Buda on the hill side and Pest on the buzzing plains). 
Each cruise duration approx 1.5hour, a fine and leisure affternoon tea was provided on cruise whilst we were enjoying beautiful scenery along the river banks of Danube River.

Yummy refreshments were served for the afternoon.

Grabbed ourselves some light fine refreshment..

So relaxed to take a cup of coffee or tea on the cruise.

After taking our light refreshments, we didn't wanna miss the chance to get some fresh air at the top floor and the prow of the cruise, which abled to get an magnificent overview of the riverbed and river bank of Danube River, Budapest

Love is in the air~

The cruise was sailing on the Danube River,

Besides we yet have visited some scenic spots of Budapest which is the must in the itinerary, or regret otherwise. <Hero Square> is one of the most visited attractions in Hungarian capital.

The monument consists of two semi-circles on the top of which the symbols of Knowledge & Glory, War and Peace, Work and Wellfare could be seen and the niches are decorated by the statues of kings, governors and famous characters of the Hungarian history with a small relief depicts the most significant moment of their life and personality on the foot of each statue.

Location map of Cruise On Danube River 

Location Of Hero Square:    is situated in front of the City Park, at the end of the Andrassy Avenue, one of the most important streets of Budapest, a World Heritage site.

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