Thursday, 6 October 2011

Meet The Koalas In Paradise Country of Gold Coast, Australia

Visit Aussie Farm as Paradise Country is one of the must when you happen to be in Gold Coast Australia. It was definitely a unforgettable experience to keep as memories for some urban people as we do. The farm  activities as  Kangaroo & Koala Sanctuary, Billy Tea and Stock Horse Arena, Sheep Shearing Show & Ram Parade, Stockmen & Sheep Dog Show, and Barbeque Lunch is attacted with the General Admission.

At the ticketing counter, we met up flock of adorable kindergarten children were managed to queue up by the guardians and prepared to get on the train like us toward Paradise Country.

Yeah! I could hug the koala, my dream came true~Oocchh! He's heavy~They loves nestle against everyone or thing beside them~Lovely!

The Koalas are so inactive and lazy~yet adorable..

We have spent a long time with those Aussie precious rare animals such as Koalas, Kangaroo and many other lovable animals in Kangaroo & Koala Sanctuary. Although certain districts of Australia have launched the ban on koala hugging due to it has been listed as the protected animal and confronts its extinction , but not for Gold Coast of Queensland expecially Paradise Country. We could enjoy spot these animals nature setting as feed, snooze, and even have our photos taken cuddling one of the cutest Koala ever. It's adorable!

During the activity of  Billy Tea and Stock Horse Arena , everyone was relaxing around the campfire enjoyed watching the local stockman demonstrated the making of the traditional Billy Tea and bread and it tasted good either. In the meantime we also experince the action of the outback of the skilled housemen perform whip-cracking and riding demonstrations.

The following was the Stockmen & Sheep Dog Show where the stockmen and their smart dogs rounded up a flock of sheep, experinced squeezing cow's milk and cracked the stockmen's whip. The stockman was really amusing, I like his jokes.

The last activity before having our Barbeque Lunch was the Sheep Shearing Show & Ram Parade, the master shearer ( the same funny man in the Stockmen & Sheep Dog Show) shown the skill of shearing the sheep and a couple of the audiences were picked on stage to experince too. As we seen many of the rams were paraded one by one in orderly onto stage, they were even huge than my imagination.

We were having a relish Barbeque Lunch as well before leaving which a choice of steak, chicken or fish served with a buffet of fresh salads and hot accompaniments with fresh seasonal fruit for dessert, me and my honey both has chosen the chickens. I've never thought a barbeque chicken could be cooked in such soft and succulent texture. In the meanwhile we were entertained with some Aussie music, that guy sang real good, we were amused very much in such pleasant circumstance.
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Location:      Paradise Country is located on the Gold Coast in the southeast corner of the Australian state of Queensland, just a 20-minute drive north of Surfers Paradise and 45 minutes south of Brisbane.

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