Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bonjour La Tour Eiffel...From Paris With Love

Paris is known as one of the most romantic, passionate and vogue cities among others. Therefore in Paris we hardly see local people slovenly in dress nor their appearance. Everyone walking down the street seems to be a model or celebrity, gorgeously style. Besides the surrounding atmospheres being so amorous that many lovers probably would heedless evaluate a marriage proposal impetuously, yet some have had a meticulous plan beforehand in order to remain an unforgettable memory for their love ones. I was none of them, I didn't have such romantic proposal from my honey 10 years ago but we were happen to be there on 13th and 14th February 2010 (Valentine's Day) yet I've got a Valentine's gift from Paris-Tiffiny's bracelet. This love from Paris sufficients to make up the deficiency..haha..Thanks to my honey!

Eiffel Tower ( La Tour Eiffel ) is one of the MUST VISIT attractions in Paris, yet it has become both a significant icon of Paris and one of the most recognizable architecture in the world. It has 3 levels for visitors, and tickets can be purchased to ascend with different prices. The 1st and 2nd level are accessible by stairs or elevator. The walk from both ground to 1st level and 1st level to 2nd level are over 300 steps in respectively.

<Eiffel Tower> from a distance...

We were waiting in line to ascend the 2nd level by elevator. The weather was freezing since it started to snow by the time we reached Paris. We were practically frozen whilst smiling to the camera.

Yes! We reached the 2nd level of <Eiffel Tower>, the famous structure merely seen from the movie scenes since ever, yet I was stepping on its ground..the desire of my dream ^^

It was snowing but not heavy, yet the weather was so extremely cold where we were freezing and blown cold in the drizzling snow.

Wouldn't miss the chance of taking photographs though the cold atmosphere.

The magnificent vista from the 2nd level of the grandeur achitecture-< Eiffel Tower>

Snowflakes was drifting slowly toward us and covering the ground of <Eiffel Tower>...

Haha..Finally we couldn't help but running toward indoor to escape the cold outside.

Warmer now...and it's time to grab some souvenirs, yes!

There are many beautiful paintings, postcards, keychains, chocolates..etc..It's hard to decide which to choose. ( A little advise: Please be prepared some small denominations of currency if you intend to purchase stuffs in small amount, because all of the souvenir shop's crews are sort of objectionable if you give them a large currency to buy some small cost things and expect for the change, they will definitely refuse to exchange and deal with you. ) We have seen many visitors unable to buy souvenirs or have no alternative and caused to buy more. Same as us, they refused to accept our 50Euro whilst we intended to pay for souvenirs costed 28Euro, it really doesn't make any sense. As a matter of fact the prices were much more higher than other souvenir shops away from Eiffel Tower, therefore we didn't manage to buy more but borrowed small notes from friend, whereas still much much more denominations of 50,100,200Euro in our wallets :-(

Just came down from 2nd level of <Eiffel Tower>...still freezing~

The snow stopped drifting and the ground of the foot of <Eiffel Tower> was completely covered by ice, it was quite slippery, thus we gotta walk with caution to avoid slipping. Guess I could bring my skate and have my ice-skating there. ^^

Despite of the unpleasant event for the souvenirs, we still enjoyed this passionate and vogue city with its romantic atmosphere. From Paris with Love~ Merci~Au revoir~

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