Friday, 11 November 2011

"笼"的传人 Dragon-i

<Dragon-i 笼的传人> as the name given, its name in Chinese is "Long De Chuan Ren" which "Long" means Dragon and the meanwhile its pronunciation is same as the meaning of Bamboo basket for "Xiao Long Pau". Precisely it serves most of the gourmet foods from China especially the regions of Shanghai, Szechuan, Beijing and Lanzhou such as diverse ramens, dim sum and most of the traditional delicacies preserved by the Chinese over thousand of years. Their signature dishes are "Xiao Long Pau"( Steamed Meat Dumpling) and "Ramen"( Hand-pulled noodle), so don't be missed.

I just love its stereotype of the Oriental designs for the restaurant. Imposing and prosperous Qin Dynasty decorations have increased its vitals even more.

Chinese festive color ( red and gold ) is used as the theme color for the menu.

Terracotta Army is the major and prominent ornament and has raised an ancient China Dynasty spirit of the atmosphere in the restaurant.

What sort of ramen you prefer??

<Steamed Meat Dumpling> is a "Must-Try" dishes, it's not a main course but sort of sideline. A straw is given to sip the soup from the dumpling before eat it, shall be served hot, so please be careful while sipping the hot soup in case you don't want to scald your tougue . ^^

I love this <Szechuan DanDan Ramen With Deep-Fried Pork Ribs>, I love most of the spicy foods...and yet it's not so spicy for me :p

< Fried Ramen With Diced Chicken In Black Pepper Sauce> tastes so so...some roadside chinese noodle stall's fried mee even better than this >.< 

My < Steamed Meat Dumpling> is served, seemingly the shape is sort of different compares to the picture in the menu, it doesn't inflate as I seen..Whatever, it's still tasting good ^^

Oooo....The broth tastes so rich which has absorbed the essence of the meat and crab roe of the dumpling, and it's hot, caution!

Dragon-i Outlet 
  1. Mid Valley Megamall Hotel Main Lobby - (03-22820155)
  2. 1 Utama Shopping Mall- (03-77258822)
  3. Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall- (03-74923688)
  4. The Curve- (03-77286888)
  5. Cheras Leisure Mall- (03-91300688)
  6. Pavillion KL- (03-21437688)
  7. Aeon Bukit Tinggi- (03-33240888)
  8. Gurney Plaza- (04-2271686)
  9. Penang Queensbay Mall- (03-6466888)

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