Thursday, 3 November 2011

Honored To Be Nobleman In Royal London

London, the capital city of England and UK was the last destination of our Europe trip during Valentine's Day 2010 on February which another 5 European countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands & Belgium were included. It can't be doubted that London is one of the countries in Europe renowned art and fashion schools make it an international centre of fashion alongside Paris, Milan and New York and also home to designers Vivienne Westwood, Galliano, Stella McCartney, Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo among others. Besides London is one of the significant Classical and Popular music capitals of the world therefore from numerous venues for rock and pop conserts to opera houses can be found wisely in London . And there has many museums, galleries and other institutions become main tourist attractions ever since it's a major centre of higher education teaching and research and its 43 universities form the largest concentration of higher education in Europe. Therefore every structure, scenery and even native people in London has a strong characteristic of aethetic, grandeur, noble and royalty perception to me.

We just reached <St Pancras International London> from <Lille,France> by Eurostar which is the high-speed passenger train service between London and Paris, and London and Brussels. Their trains have more capacity than a jumbo jet – 766 seats per train! Travelling at up to 300km/h, it takes just 2h 15 from Paris. It used to be known as the fastest high-speed train before China built theirs.

<London Bridge> is falling down, falling down~Haha..Of course not, <London Bridge>is standing still at its place and moreover the bridge behind us is not <London Bridge> as many others have misread it was. It's called <Tower Bridge> whereas <London Bridge>is merely an ordinary bridge totally distinctive from the outstanding <Tower Bridge>, so don't be got it wrong next time. ^^ 

<The Queen's Walk> is a promenade which located South Bank of River Thames in London, between Tower Bridge and Lambeth Bridge, and it's also the convenient route of several miles for tourists to walk from London Eye past numerous attractions to Tower Bridge and Tower Of London. Yet we were kinda rush on tour, therefore we've got no time to walk along the way but tour bus :-(

We were getting through the <Tower Bridge> (left).  Now our coach was getting through the <London Bridge> where you can see the <Tower Bridge> is behind me from a distance (top right).  Magnificent view of <London Eye> (bottom right).

<St Paul's Cathedral> so imposing before our eyes.

Grandeur architecture of <St Paul's Catheral>....

<The Big Ben> is the nick name for the great bell of the clock tower which is one the most prominent symbols of both London and England (bottom left). Imposing <Central Hall Westminster> is combining dual functions as an event,conference venue and a Methodist church as well, it also offers free admission and free guide tour for visitors daily from 9.30am-5pm (center). <Westminster Abbey> view of the exit (right).

<Westminster Abbey> is the world famous medieval abbey, the most enduringly stunning of London's churches and a imposing treasure trove of royal history where approximately 3.300 people have been buried in here including the royal deaths of monarchs, statesmen, scientists, musicians and poets. Besides it's also the setting for almost every coronation since 1066.   

Roaming around <The Big Ben> region (left & right). Posing infront of one the most enduring symbols of London- the stunning red telephone booth in adition to the big red double-decker London bus (right). 

<The Parliament Square>

< Buckingham Palace> the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, it has a grand, royalty and imposing facade. Without visit to <Buckingham Palace>, your visit to London is uncomplete. The state rooms are open to public during the summer month July and August while Her Majestic won't be around in these periods. Too bad we came about the wrong time, there were closed on Winter and yet the lucky thing is the flag was raising which means Her Majestic was in the palace at that moment. We seemed like getting so near to Her Majestic even though haven't got a chance to meet the Royal Family :-)

Photos taking of the statues in front of the main gate at <Buckingham Palace>.

I wouldn't miss a chance taking every photo of the Royal Residence Of Monarch-< Buckingham Palace>.

The sculpture of <Victoria Memorial> are erected in front of the main gate of <Buckingham Palace> was created by Sir Thomas Brock in 1911.

The East Front of <Buckingham Palace>, the principal facade.

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