Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Panoramic Of The Earth Cape Of Muroran Hokkaido

 The Earth Cape ( known as Chikyu Misaki by local) which is located at the southern end of Muroran Hokkaido and pointing out to the Pacific Ocean. It has a 100 meters high cliff stretching approximately 10 km which is formed by ancient volcanic activity 10 million years ago. That is the reason why Chikyu Misaki is so famous with its remarkable panoramic stretch as far as the eye can see, where the scenery from the observatory of the sea horizon vista is shaping a curve line and makes us realize the Earth is truly round :-)

Despite the weather was incredibly cold during Autumn, we went into the store and grabbed an Muroran Ice-cream which is famous and yummy according to the locals.

Mmmm...it tasted good yet we needed to share it due to the cold and windy weather outside, I was almost frozen..haha..

The map of Muroran...I've heard that there are many Peregrin falcons can be easily spotted at The Earth Cape, but we didn't see any of them perhaps it was not in the season :-(

The Earth Cape (地球岬), cold gales almost blown my honey away..

Run, run, run...I was trying to warm up my body with more movements..

There were no more leaves stick to the tree though it was still in Autumn..

The cold gales blowing, I had to hold my hat and scarf real tight to refrain from blown away..Haha..I was still holding the ice-cream cone, both of us couldn't even finish one in the blow cold climate..Freezing~

Haha..we tried to be acting calm while the cold wind was blowing ruthlessly..

Beautiful drawing and words...

The white color lighthouse is the icon of the scenic spot.

My honey yelled: " Help! Help! I'm falling to the cliff!" ...but one of my friend said he was yelling: " I'm the king of the world! "...haha..which more alike ^^

An overview of the sea horizon from the cape...I'm so tiny in this enormous Earth..

This is the <Bell Of Blessed>, it is said that the couple who have knocked the bell with hand in hand, they would have lived happily ever after. And certainly me and my honey had striked the bell together praying for a blessed deep conjugal love until death do us apart, yet we were posing seperately for photographs :-)
I earnestly wish we will be blessed and live happily ever after..

An unique telephone booth covered with a giant globe.. can you see me?

Tikyu-Misaki Toilet...Before leaving for another destination, this is a "Must-Visit" section for me..haha..

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