Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Restaurant Aunty Fatso 夜来香海鲜家 (大肥嫂)

I was brought to <Restaurant Aunty Fatso 夜来香海鲜家 (大肥嫂)> in one occasion for the very first time by my relative even though I've shifted to Malacca quite a while since I am married, due to my hubby's a Malaccan. They serve chinese culinary delicacies, particularly seafoods. It's located in Melaka Raya Business Park but it's on the quite desolated and  hidden area which totally opposites from the area bustling with noises, excitements and visitors side. Despite of unfamiliar visitors, many locals will definitely overlook the place either. Nevertheless its business and reputation are unaffected. Everyone will be attracted by a huge neon lamp of crab at the end of the road from far once they turn into one of the quiet paths. Plenty of parking lots available due to no other shops are opened, overwhelming majority shops are unused.

Giant crab neon lamp, kinda canvassing ^^

< Cheese Prawn Meehoon  生虾芝士米粉 -Rm 50.00 > is one of the must order dishes, the soup is thick and creamy with cheese, you will be sustainable refilling your bowl beyond mindful. Strongly recommended but it rather costly.^^

The prawn is huge and fresh....

Deep Fried Jernak Fish  油浸仁那鱼 - Rm 45.00 > is crispy and fragrance, nice!

< Salted Egg Fried Crab 咸蛋炒蚧 -Rm 63.00 > tasted good comes with the fried and aroma salted egg, perfect match, its meat kinda tasteless if eat plain without receive favors of crisp-fried salted egg.

<Sweet Sour Pork Ribs With Yam Pastry 芋头排骨王 (佛体排骨) - Rm 18.00  > is something quite commons with other restaurant, yet there no harm in trying this. Taste good either.

< View Of Malaysia ( Fried Veg With Sambal Belacan ) 马来风光 (蕹菜炒马拉盏辣椒) - Rm 8.00 ) is really appetizing, it's suitable for those belacan-lover, I wish it could be cooked rather spicy, I love spicy ^^

< Spicy & Sour Fried Crab 酸辣炒蚧 - Rm 63.00 > not spicy at all for me, its sauce is thick, sweet and slightly sour, I prefer more spicy taste...however it's tasted even better as dipping sauce eat with < Fried Pau 炸扁包 -Rm 6.00 > as below,  but the pau rather greasy, not recommended to eat more.

< Spicy Scallop 米椒鲜贝 - Rm 18.00 > is not my favorite, I will skip it if I'm the one who order the dishes. I love the Hokkaido Dried Scallop even more..haha..

< Four Heavenly Kings ( Fried four type of vegetables ) 四大天王 - Rm 12.00 > a bit tasteless for me, perhaps due to the negligence of the cook or else it's not deserved its name :P

End up with total bill Rm 304.50 for 8 pax, I guess it's reasonable. Very big thanks to my cousin's lovely mother in law and her optimists sister for treating us the great dinner.

Almost full house although the place is quite hidden.

Restaurant Aunty Fatso
Jalan Melaka Raya 30, Bandar Melaka, Melaka
Tel: 012-6116996

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