Saturday, 19 November 2011

Restaurant Michal-My Best Memory In Historical Prague

<Restaurant Michal> is located in one of the oldest part of historical Prague on the right bank of the River Vltara, merely a few steps away from the stone arches of Charles Bridge. The restaurant offers three distinct parts which are fully air-conditioned with a total capacity of 160 seats situated on the ground floor. The first(front) section is suitable for those who wanna has mere snacks and refreshments, and a cup of coffee while relaxing on the comfort chair reading your favorite book or newspaper. Whereas the second part is a cosy and intimate area for business talk or romantic dinner in the saloon where it's dominated by the brick vaulting and pillars in salmon pink combined with the dimmed lightness of the blue wall and its wall lamps. As for the third part (the main hall), it's approprite to hold family party, buffet, banguet or feast. A typical folk dance and musical programmes are organized to entertain guests whilst enjoys the authentic Czech dishes ( the vegetarians and who favour a healthy diet are always be concerned either).

The photo taken by the restaurant crew are sold in 5euro. A beautiful memorabilia photo~

A classical music was played while the folk dancer were dance whirling so closed to us, the atmosphere was so great to drive us simultaneously.

We have captured some videos of the folk dance and classical ethnic music in Restaurant Michal as below, the performances were so beautifully delighted.

What a pleasure to have our dinner in such joyous enriched ethnic culture mood~

An elegant table setting with authentic splendid cuisines, so delighted~

(left) Taking a photo with my hubby's CEO's lovely wife for remembrance. (right) Me and my hubby were look over the photos we took before, to ensure nothing to be omitted.

A bunch of mates who have journey together with us, cheers~

<Prague Castle and The Charles Bridge> over the River Vltara at night, splendid and glorious..Amazing vista!

Dazzling sight of Historical Prague at night, magnificent view~

Náprstkova 8
11000 Prague 1
Czech Republic, EU

Tel.: +420 222 222 630
Fax: +420 222 222 633



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