Thursday, 24 November 2011

Yummy And Low Price Chicken Rice Ball 又平价又好吃鸡饭粒

Most of the tourists from all over the places (other states from Malaysia or foreign countries) will definitely hunt for authentic foods and surely many of them will choose <Chicken Rice Ball>. It's origin from Malacca but  it could be easily found at many other states in Malaysia nowaday, nevertheless many tourist still love the chicken rice ball from Malacca instead of others. Therefore a couple of chicken rice ball restaurants which located in popular tourist region as <Jonker Walk> always have a vast crowd awaiting their seats, it's frustared. And the price level as it should be by right are costly too, therefore most of the locals rather go for others instead of these commercialize hot spots. To be frank, these hot spots chicken rice in fact are relish but costly and those unfamous yet cheaper stalls mostly have defects in tastes. 

Anyhow I have found an unobstrusive restaurant neighbouring my house serves very yummy chicken rice ball comparable with those famous ones, and yet it's not even costly. It's name is <Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant 煌昌海南鸡饭>  

We used to order 3 parts of chicken (chicken thigh, chicken breast and chicken rare part) due to I'm a carnivorous..hehe..

The chicken rice balls are truly cute (as "Big" as Ayamas meat ball), they look more tiny compare others, but easier to devour with "one bite one ball", needless to dice especially for kids.
(They serve one chicken part (boneless) and seven rice balls for 1 portion.)

3 parts of boneless chicken, 7 rice balls (1 person x 2) and additional 10 rice balls, come with 1 barley ice and 1 hot coffee, total bill = Rm 12.60
(We've been visiting the restaurant nearly 10 times, always ordered the same things, and the cost of the bill never changed, means they never cheat even 1 penny.)

"One Bite One Ball"..haha..

Chili sauce is essentially one of the major condiments to judge the taste of chicken rice ball. And I love the their chili sauce, matches its taste perfectly. 

I would top up my chili sauce at least 3 times to complete my meal..

We always visit the restaurant before 12pm (lunch hour) and mostly at 9-10am, so it doesn't seem to be crowded, a lot of vacancies are available. But some said, when they came for lunch at noon and it probably would be full house. So it would be better to come early before afternoon.

The boss of the restaurant are busy chopping the chicken. He looks serious and seldom smile but nice man though, he and his store helpers (the Indonesian ladies) always remember what we used to order before and needless for us to remind. ^^

An unobstrusive exterior of <Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant 煌昌海南鸡饭>, but if you never try, you will never know :-) 

Address:   BB-376, Taman Melaka Baru, Batu Berendam 75350 Melaka
Tel:           06-3170299 (Shop)
                016-6688381 (Soh)

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