Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Beauty Tips: Charcoal Black Heal Pharm Cleaner Pack ( Nose Strips )

I believe most of us have the same irritating problem of having obstinate white heads & black heads "parasite" on our nose, don't we? Lately I have discovered this <Charcoal Black Heal Pharm Cleaner Pack-Nose Strips> at Watsons Pharmacy, it contains 10 pieces per pack and just costs Rm 9.80. In fact there have 2 types, one with Charcoal (in black strip) and the other without Charcoal (in white strip). For my case, I realize that I have much more white heads instead of black heads, therefore the one with Charcoal Black is chosen for myself because it's easier to find out the white heads and the volume has been removed and sticked on the strip after peel off, that will definitely makes me satisfied. Besides, the other reason why I choose Charcoal Black is owing to my misconception perhaps, that "Black" always seems rather stronger efficacy than "White"..haha, it's just my personal opinion anyway. :-)

Just follow the simple instructions that given: Wet nose. Remove cleaning sheet with dry hands. Remove film and place sheet on nose. Wait for 10-15 minutes to dry. Peel off slowly from side and then bottom to upper part of nose. You'll find out it removes black heads and white heads effectively, your nose becomes super clean without blemish and soft as baby skin. Remember to rinse with water then and fully pat up your nose area with toner as the following method to tighten up the pores as well. Using daily are not advisable since the pores are gonna loosen owing to strip tearing from skin surface frequently and may cause tiny wound though. In fact you may feel trivial pain during removal, don't worry it won't cause any defect on your face just if you follow the instruction, avoid to use it daily.  I usually use it once a week, twice a week or..sometimes just when I remember to use it or feel need it right after look into the mirror..haha :P

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