Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dashing Man Shirts With Its Cute Designer At Chatuchak, Bangkok

As many who have been to Bangkok know < Jatujak Weekend Market > is one of the "Must Visit" places which you can find and buy various goods of Thailand from clothes, shoes, hats, handicrafts and household furnitures to authentic foods, fruits and spices. Stuffs sell in Jatujak mostly are handmade items, particularly many newly designers in Bangkok will set up their boutiques in a very tiny store selling their masterpieces with lower price, where you can get a wholesale cost from them yet you need to buy at least in quantity which normally has been stated somewhere in the store, different stores have distinct quantity required, please ask beforehand. 

We have noticed a very simple store which merely sells man shirts. Seems like a very simple shirt and yet looks unique, every shirt has its own embroidered icon particularly.

Different sizes have different retail prices and wholesale prices ( the discrepancy between both price tag nearly 40% ). Quantity for wholesale is 6 pieces and above. If you do have some companions journey together and want to buy too, you all may combine the quantity and get the wholesale price like we did, more value for money. 

My cousin couple wanted to buy 4 pieces, and we wanted 2 pieces, therefore we have combined 6 of them and asked for the wholesale cost.

The designs of the shirts are simple but unique, just a tiny embroidered icon on shirt will make the distinct character individually. Not many colors as can see, there are only white, black, light blue, dark blue and orange colors the designer made.

As the time we were looking for our ideal shirts, we noticed there were many big huge bags have been packed with shirts and yet we were told by the designer that all of the big bags had been sold to the other retail shops. That was why these two gentlemen hard to find their ideal design with their size, owing to many have been booked and packed in bags. Just forget about it if you think to buy from the other retail shops, because you absolutely won't get as low price as here, thing has been proven by my relative that he saw the same designed shirts from other retail shop in town a couple of days later, but it was much much more expensive than this, the selling price was THB 1000 (retail price) & THB 600 (wholesale), hence it's better for us to buy directly from the designer although there are lack of sizes :P

Taking photo with the creative and cute designer, he looks dashing with his orange color shirt..forgotten to ask his name though. ^^

The store is located at Jatujak section 24 soi. 33/ need to remember the section and soi, or else you will lost in there..Please bear in mind <Jatuk Weekend Market>is huge with every row and every alley looks similar.

A special horse or donkey? Cute anyway~

A man with his tie blown~

There are some cute little embroidered works on both-sided of the shirt, unique!

Creative embroideries on both sided of the shirt.

Orange color, same color as the designer wore the other day.

Black color looks elegant with a simple icon, charming!

Jatujak Weekend Market
Section 24 Soi. 33/5
Bangkok Thailand.

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