Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Everyday Coupon: Tango Durian & Mango Are Gonna Chill Your Way @ JustBerrys

In such a hot & humid weather in Malaysia for entire year, what is the fastest and best way to cool down your body and mind? For me...cold drinks, ice-creams or any ice-desserts will do. Therefore you are not gonna miss < Justberrys Dessert House > which serves various types of desserts such as pudding, smoothies, cendols and many more, sure will gonna chill you up in this summer-like weather. It's located in Asian Avenue @ Sunway Pyramid PJ, if you wanna take a break after a long shopping hours where you can decrease your sore legs and even enjoy the yummy desserts at the meanwhile, this is definitely the right place for you and your companions.

There are various sort of desserts are served @ Justberrys, sure one will ideal for your belly :-)

A very small but lovely counter to take your order.

Splendid atmosphere~

Giant berry smiles to greet you.

I've purchased 2 coupons from < Coupon > beforehand which offers very good discount ( 1 Bowl of Durian King or Mango Longan Snow Pudding + 1 Mango Tango is only Rm 7.50  ), whereas Durian King or Mango Longan Snow Pudding has already cost Rm 8.50 each in normal price, and yet Mango Tango is excluded. 

One coupon for me~One coupon for him~ ❤❤❤

We have decided to order 1 bowl of <Durian King 榴莲飘香> ( Rm 8.50 ) with <Sweetie Strawberrys 蜂蜜(草莓)椰奶爽> ( Rm 7.00 ) & 1 bowl of <Mango Longan Snow Pudding 芒果龙眼布丁>( Rm 8.50 ) with <CocoMango 超多(芒果)龟苓爽> ( Rm 5.50 ), total Rm 29.50...but we only paid Rm 15.00 for 2 coupons with Coupon, have save up more money$$ ( almost 50% off ).

Haha..Pay none cuz we have had our coupons on hand ^^

We were awaiting our desserts to be served...patiently ^^

Very tiny yet comfy place for relaxing and enjoying great desserts..

Plenty of choices~

Five delicious Mango Tango of your choice..

<Mango Longan Snow Pudding 芒果龙眼布丁>( Rm 8.50 )

<Durian King 榴莲飘香> ( Rm 8.50 ) looks unpleasing but never try never know. I love it~yumyum!

 <Sweetie Strawberrys 蜂蜜(草莓)椰奶爽> ( Rm 7.00 ) has very a very smooth texture with its perfect combination of the sour flavor of the Strawberrys and the sweet flavor of the coconut milk, you're gonna like it.

<CocoMango 超多(芒果)龟苓爽> Rm 5.50, the sweetness of the mango & milk totally matches with its chewy jelly..

Haha...all of them were served finally, saliva dripped ^^

<Mango Longan Snow Pudding 芒果龙眼布丁>( Rm 8.50 ) with <CocoMango 超多(芒果)龟苓爽>( Rm 5.50 ) in one coupon costs Rm 7.50.

<Durian King 榴莲飘香> ( Rm 8.50 ) with <Sweetie Strawberrys 蜂蜜(草莓)椰奶爽> ( Rm 7.00 ) also in one coupon costs Rm 7.50...worth it ^^

<Mango Longan Snow Pudding 芒果龙眼布丁>( Rm 8.50 )..The mango is truly fresh, sweet and fragrant, tastes even better with longan, jelly and ice-cream, yummy!

<Durian King 榴莲飘香> ( Rm 8.50 ). For those Durian lovers, you're gonna love this..the aromas of the durian definitely great with its ice-cream perfectly, so rich and creamy.

I'm so in love with <Durian King 榴莲飘香>.

Whereas my honey loves <Mango Longan Snow Pudding 芒果龙眼布丁> rather more.

Haha..nothing left over~

Justberrys Dessert House
F1.AV 152, 153, 156 & 157,
Asian Avenue @ Sunway Pyramid,
No 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway 46150 PJ.

Tel:  019-3820143

Business Hours: Daily 10.00am- 9.30pm


  1. Yeah I love durian also plan go there buy when got time

  2. Hi Sherry..Yeah! Both durian and mango are absolutely worth to try, they tasted fresh and match perfectly with its other ingredients as well, have a try...Good day ^^



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