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40th Years Grandpa's Curry Puff 四十年历史的阿公加哩卜

< Kedai Kopi & Makanan Yung Lai Siang 永来香茶餐室 > serves various authentic mee and snacks in their unobtrusive store which is located on the non tourist region roadside. However their guests never seem to be lacked, hence they have expended their store from one to two lots according to demand. The most hot item always comes to Prawn Mee ( soup ) and Curry Puff which has more than 40 years of history ever since their Grandpa generation, and nowadays is the third generation operating the business of making curry puff. Besides they have Prawn Mee ( dried )Fish Ball Mee ( dried & soup )Curry Mee ( soup ), Chicken PuffYam Puff and Coconut Cake. Nevertheless I had never tried other mee but Dried Fish Ball Mee without fish ball, sounds weird? It's be just like Grandpa Curry Puff without grandpa running the business..haha..

" Melaka Famous Curry Mee & Puff "...< Curry Mee > is their famous item according to the signboard on wall yet as what I've noticed for a long time since I'm quite regular to them, most of the customers will prefer < Prawn Mee Soup > than < Curry Mee >...however I had never tried both of them before, my favorite is < Fish Ball Mee >without fish ball but char siew ( BBQ pork ) ^^

( From left ) The younger brother who in charge of beverage, the elder brother who in charge of cooking mee. ( Center ) Malaysia Food Commentator Mr Jacky Liew.  ( From right ) The brothers' cousin sister who is the third generation of operating the curry puff now, the mother of the brothers who was the founder of the mee stall.  In fact the stall has been recommended in press report recently.

A simple cabinet for all puffs ( Curry Puff, Yam Puff, Chicken Puff, Coconut Cake ), but never try never know. Even though they are famous but the prices are low.

The hot item in d house < Grandpa's Curry Puff 加哩卜 - Rm 1.00 each >, kinda par value, in fact it's huge.

Look at the ingredient of the curry puff, it's more moist texture, more filling and more curry spices compare others, I love this.

< Coconut Cake 椰子角 - Rm 0.70 > for those coconut lover, you gonna love this..the shredded coconut is so fine with its coconut aroma and the skin is soft ( a bit firmer than bun texture ). Worth to try!

The filling of the < Coconut Cake >, filled with shredded coconut..

< Chicken Puff  鸡肉烧饼 - Rm 1.40 > tastes even better than normal Siew Pao because the texture of its filling is more dry, firmer and salty whereas ordinary Siew Pao has more mushy and sweeter filling, and I don't like it.

The filling of < Chicken Puff > is more drier and less mushy, that's why I like it ^^

< Yam Puff  芋泥卜 - Rm 1.10 > not my favorite, but my relatives who came along and did give a favorable criticism on it after tried. They said its yam filling is more soft, mushy and stuffed compares those they had tried before.

< Prawn Mee Soup  虾面 > looks so yummy even though I have never tried since always. My relatives told me its taste even better than those they have had in their country-Singapore before.

< Dried Fish Ball Mee  鱼鲛面 > has its fish balls in a small bowl of soup comes with the mee, and topping with char siew ( BBQ pork ) and fish cake.

< Dried Fish Ball Kuay Teow > without fish ball..Yes! It's merely for me, my all time favorite- char siew ( BBQ pork ), I ain't fond of fish cake and fish ball, therefore I always request for adding nothing but char siew only and the boss ( mee chief ) do remember what I need due to I'm regular. 

My bowl of soup has no fish ball, but my mee topping is full with char siew ( BBQ pork ) and not forgetting add more chili sauce on it which is prepared on each table.

I won't eat the mee without the chili sauce, its taste becomes complete with chili sauce, I just can't imagine how those Non-Chili lovers eat the mee, it should be tasteless :P

Dadaa....This is how my < Fish Ball Mee > would look like each time after mixing the chili sauce, it looks even relish, doesn't it?

A quite ancient building where the store to be located.

It's kinda hard to find parking lot sometimes, most of the time we need to turn over and over again for the car park along the wayside, sort of lacking. 

Kedai Kopi & Makanan Yung Lai Siang 
229,  Jalan Bunga Raya Pantai Melaka

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