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Roaming The Romantic Canal Of Otaru In Reddish Autumn 漫游秋季の小樽運河

<Otaru Canal 小樽運河, Otaru Unga > was originally used for unloading the goods, it was built in 1923 but had been reconstructed from 1983 and reinstated splendidly with its gaslights, a stone-paved promenade and the roadside park, since then Otaru harbor railroad was even chosen for the 100 urban landscape. Nowaday many warehouses at <Otaru Canal> were transformed into museum, restaurants and shops, which has Canal Building Of Otaru City Museum, Bank Of Japan former Otaru branch building, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha former Otaru branch building, many more historical renaissance building and numerous commercial buildings lined up along side are the popular scenic spot amongst the tourists.
<Otaru Canal> is about 5-10 minutes walk straight down the main road from Otaru St where you can find many handicrafts shop such as glass-ware, souvenir shops and authentic restaurant, besides the "Must Visit" stores are <Silver Bell 银の钟一号馆>,      Otaru Music Box Museum オルゴール堂 > and Le TAO ( the famous and must try cake in Hokkaido, where their cheese cake is extremely hot selling within minutes that everyone was singing praises about it, I was the one who didn't manage to buy it, all had been sold out due to I was get ready to be the early bird if you wanna try it ^^).   

<Otaru Canal 小樽運河, Otaru Unga>appearance during Autumn, the reddish plants of Autumn have completely spread throughout the historic buildings along side.

<Otaru Canal> during Winter night fall, where the gaslights lights up and illuminating all the warehouses and creating an atmosphere filled with foreign and romantic sentiment, so splendid. In mid-February every year, an event called the < Otaru Snow Gleaming >is held where more than 300 snow candles line Otaru Canal's promenade while approximately 400 glass balls with candles are floated on the water ..Too bad I was there during Autumn time...Nevertheless Otaru looks beautifully during Autumn time either, the color of the Autumn's reddish leaves enhance the glorious of Otaru though.

<Otaru Canal> during Winter...magnificent vista~ It's true Otaru is worth visiting for its beauty, great foods, and a lot of attractive places in every season. A great canal runs through Otaru City which is adorned with Victoria-style lamps and all the Renaissance buildings several decades back from now.

Before started roaming to <Otaru Canal>, we visited a shop which is transformed from one of the warehouses. We have grabbed some authentic cookies, chocolates and souvenirs as well.

I love the packing of the cakes and cookies~

Looks yummy~but we couldn't eat anymore due to have had our breakfast in Hotel.

There are many carts Jinrikisha” roaming around Otaru region especially the canal promenade, yet we didn't manage to ride it because we were lack of time ^^

Yet I managed to take the photo with one of the good-looking young Jinrikisha driver, most of them are students who hold concurrent job after school in addition of being student to earn some sundries.

<Otaru Canal> & its buildings behind me looks so the atmosphere ^^

<Otaru Canal>

Very peaceful & beautiful Otaru City...we were heading the most popular spot for photo taking of < Otaru Canal >

Yeah~ here we are ^^

I think there would be great if we had Winter scenery as our background...Hence I surely will come back to you once more during Winter time, Otaru~wait for us ❤❤

Quite sunny yet cold weather ^^

Looking for my digital camera~

Beautiful canal with its reddish Autumn leaves spreading throughout the wall of the warehouses.

It was 9.5'C...and windy, our hands were almost frozen even though with our gloves on.

Never missed a chance to snap photos~

It was sunny for a sudden, yet it was freezing cold ^^

There was an old-man stall selling handmade brooch which can be altered according to the name given. I was quite mercy the old man standing in the cold-wind weather without any glove on and yet without business, therefore I decided to make one for me and another as souvenir, after all it only costs ¥500. ^^

The old man told us to sit and wait for 10 minutes to have our brooches done. It was cold and freezing, oh my God, wondered how the old man could conquer the climate without his gloves on, guess that's why his hands and every single finger is totally cracked, I wish I could give him a helping hand  :-(

After approximately 10 minutes waiting on the stone seat along the canal, I've got my brooch with named Carol done, it's unique. I love it ❤❤

The old man was packing the brooches after letting me looked over the brooches with no defect. He's still wearing no glove. He's my hero ❤❤

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