Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sweet-Sounding Otaru Music Box Museum オルゴール堂

Music Box is one of the famous things in Otaru besides stained glasses and aroma lamps. So you are not gonna miss to visit this biggest shop in Japan which specialized in Music Box-< Otaru Music Box Museum オルゴール堂 >. The building made of red bricks and stones brings out the nostalgic atmosphere, especially the popular photo taking spot- "Steam Clock" stands in front of the museum which is created by a boiler controlled by computer. This museum contains exhibits about the development of music boxes, a collection of numerous notable music boxes, as well as an extensive store that sells various multi types of music boxes. For an additional fee from ¥1,200, customers can built their very own and unique music box and will be take at least 30-45 minutes which 1200 tunes are prepared by < Otaru Music Box Museum > for your choice in one box. Yet if they don't seem ideal to you, there is a special service available that will cost you a little bit more which to make music box from a CD that you bring and make it becomes the tune you love. It's ideal to pick any of them for your own memories of Otaru or as a precious gifts for someones, there are prices for budgets or costly depends on its diversification types or designs. There are thousands of them, sure one will be ideal for you. ^^

Grandeur and nostalgia appearance~

"Winnie The Pool" music box...kawaii~

Music boxes made by glasses, elegant~

Let's listen the tune..Most are the Japanese songs and in Japanese words, so I have to ask for the sales person's assistance to find me the song of "KIMURA TAKUYA 村拓哉" (actually he's in a group named "SWAP"), because even though I love him but had never listened to his song before, shame! I just fond of his cute and charming appearance.

Various types and designs...

There are thousands of music boxes at each floor ( there are three level in the building, the 3rd floor is for customers who wanna built their very own & unique music boxes ).

Going up to 2nd floor...

Still various and thousands of music boxes to choose...

Look down from 2nd floor...beautiful hall fulls of various music boxes..

Music boxes to hang on the wall..lovely!

Music boxes in tower clock shaped..

Lovely music boxes..

Baby doll's music boxes, their heads is moving slowly to left and right while the music turns..

Kawaii baby doll's music boxes...

Ferris wheels music boxes..lovely~

Unique ferris wheels music box..just it was too heavy to carry back my hometown :P

Haha..doggie & Kitty's music boxes.

Lovely atmosphere....

Frame-shaped Music boxes on wall...

Bugs music boxes on wall..

Ascending to 3rd floor...

Look down from 3rd floor...

At 3rd floor, you can make your own music box..just picks the inner music tune you like and mixes & matches with any outer case on your preference ( price is¥1,200 onwards and minimum time will be take is 30-45minutes ), besides you can bring your own CD song and create your unique tune ( an additional fees will cost you more ).

Pick your own inner music tune as prepared by < Otaru Music Box Museum オルゴール堂 >.

Distinct and various types of inner music tune designs. 

Haha..I've got myself and my cousin a special precious gift from Otaru.

"The Steam Clock"- the popular photo taking spot, sure we are not gonna miss it~

The nostalgic look of the "Steam Clock" seems like bringing me back to several centuries from now..haha..I love the atmosphere anyway.

Have my lovely music boxes on the table while having my fragrant tea in Kitty's cup at second floor of <Silver Bell Cafe银の钟一号馆 (click here) > which is opposites <Music Box Museum オルゴール堂> and merely few steps across the road...What a blissful life~

Beautiful Scenery of Otaru through d window of < Silver Bell 银の钟一号馆( click here )>.

Address: 1-2-3 Irifune Otaru, Hokkaido Japan.
Tel:         +81013422-1108
Fax:        +81013421-2531
Open:     09:00-16:00 ( Regular schedule )
               09:00-17:00 ( Holiday Eve, Friday & Saturday in Summer )


  1. Visiting Otaru feels like visiting somewhere in Europe! Definitely not Japan.

  2. You really think so, Ben? Anyway I love them both ^^



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