Sunday, 4 December 2011

Windmill Spins, Cheesy Sampling & Wooden Clog Making In Netherlands

Many people from other countries especially the elder from Asian countries, will always and mistakenly call Netherlands as Holland, whereas Holland is not a country but just a name in common usage given to a region in the western part of Netherlands. As many know, Netherlands is famous for their windmill, clogs, cheese and of course Tulip ( but I didn't manage to witness a sea of beautiful Tulip before my eyes owing to Winter, hope I will have a chance to  return to Netherlands once again during Spring time.). Nevertheless we still got the opportunity taking photos of Windmill and yet visiting the farm which has its own goods manufacturing of clogs and cheese. I really couldn't remember the actual place and name of the farm location, but I guarantee  there are numerous of places like this in Netherlands which containing both cheese farm and clog factory in  one to be opened to the visitors where visitors themselves can tour the production facilities and sample some of the traditional cheeses.  

A grandeur Windmill stood still behind of us..the climate just perfectly great. As for tourist like me, I would merely know windmill is a beautiful and significant trademark of Netherlands. For Dutch, windmill was originally developed as a machine which converts the energy of wind into rotational energy by means of vanes and as milling grain for foods, and was also adapted to many other industrial uses and not just a beautiful trademark.

We have entered to the first part of the factory facilities and started touring the whole system and manufacture of making cheese, it was awesome.

The handsome Dutch guy was giving the demonstration of making cheese.

Now we were about to observe the machines and processing of making the wooden clogs which was narrated by this funny Dutch guy.

There were various colors, shapes and sizes of the wooden clogs hanging and displayed on the lovely! ^^

This funny Dutch man is kinda horny, haha...because he has only allowed female guests standing at the front row and male guests were forbidden to do so..Anyway, he's a good looking guy :P

Various cheese sampling was given to every guest after all the demonstration, it tasted so good so natural..

Time for picking some of these authentic souvenirs- cheeses and clogs, there were numerous of them, kinda hard for making decision..haha.

Outlook of the cheese & clogs manufacturing factory, it just looks like a simple farmhouse, yet I love the atmosphere...

There were a giant wooden clog outside the factory, it's huge but lovely.

The cows were seemingly displeased when I was taking their photos, it stared directly on me..haha..

We were about to leave for another destination, there were many magnificent views along the way, the weather was great. ^^ 

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