Wednesday, 4 January 2012

American Hotties In Bangkok City-Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

<Krispy Kreme> is an international chain of famous doughnut stores which was founded by Vernon Rudolph in 1937 in Winston- Salem, North Carolina, United States. It has announced the opening of its first franchised-owned store and also the flagship store in the heart of Bangkok business district-<Siam Paragon> in Thailand on 28th September 2010, with predictions of further expansion in the nation which will be reaching 20 stores by 2015.
Shame to say that, I had never tried <Krispy Kreme> doughnut prior my visit to Bangkok, although there have a couple of <Krispy Kreme Doughnuts> chains in Malaysia for years, haha..guess I'm not big fan of doughnuts and kinda afraid of striving in a big crowd for something "Hot", I will definitely avoid of being in long long queue since always. Therefore Bangkok was my first time experienced the taste of <Krispy Kreme> doughnuts which I was told by my cousin who has tried before and said that it is a "Must Try" doughnut and always has a long queue in front of which is located in Siam Paragon Bangkok. Since the queue on the day we went there wasn't too long, so why not we just have a try on this famous doughnuts which has the fabulous worldwide reputation and always causes the upsurge regardless of where it goes, every nook and cranny in the world. ^^

<Krispy Kreme Doughnuts> at Siam Paragon Bangkok.

Various flavor of doughnuts...I was kinda dizzy while choosing it due to stomach was full right after having our lunch and didn't wish to have more doughnuts, therefore I couldn't pick more than two. :P

Everyone is waiting for their savory doughnuts...

Me in the not-so-long queue, there was a truly open kitchen behind me which showing to public the entire production of making doughnuts.

It's going to be our turn next~

I've choose "New York Cheesecake", looks so yummy!

My honey has choose his doughnut as well~ "Chocolate Iced Custard Filled"~

And many more~ "Glazed Chocolate Cake"..

"Glazed Vanilla Creme Cake"...

"Chocoholic Dream"...

"Cookies Chocolate Cheesecake"...

Even though there are variety of doughnut flavors available, yet the "Original Glazed" is not in the least inferior with its inconspicuous outward appearance. I would strongly recommend this for the most original taste of doughnut.

The crowd didn't seem to be lessen..

Haha..I've got my "Original Glazed" doughnut in addition to "New York Cheesecake"..yummy!

"Original Glazed" is so....original, savory and tasty~Guess what, it's fresh out of the oven.."Hot & Crispy" ❤❤

In addition to the "Original Glazed", another box of 6 doughnuts for us (me,  my honey, Mavis, Shaun, Mavis's mum and Shaun's mum).

3× "Original Glazed"( THB 27×3= THB 81 ), 6× other flavors ( THB 35×6= THB 210 )..Total is merely THB 291.00.

My "New York Cheesecake"...❤❤

"Chocolate Iced Custard Filled" for my honey...❤❤

Can't wait to finish them in the hotel room before heading to another destination...^^


The doughnut is so spongy and savory while the filling is incredibly creamy and cheesy match perfectly with its topping crunchy crushed-peanuts.

Look at the fillings, so dense and spread out in our mouth right away..Savory ❤❤

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