Monday, 9 January 2012

The Awesome Waffle In Bangkok

<The Waffle> I've found in Bangkok ain't just a waffle we used to know which has creamy paste or ice-cream topping with fresh crushed fruits, but merely a plain down to earth waffle. It has claimed itself "No 1 Brand Leader-The Pioneer Of Waffle Franchise" and I discovered <The Waffle> while I was having my breakfast at Platinum Fashion Mall's food court. It looks completely simple but aromatic, therefore I bought each of every flavor of them to satisfy my inborn gluttonous :P

I love the design of the box ❤❤

There is a message behind the box (bottom) illustrates the cool off waffle can be reheated in the oven I suppose, because I don't understand Thai language anyway :P

<The Waffle> stall in the Platinum Mall's food court.

"Deluxe" type has <Almond>, <Mix Fruits> and <Sesame & Salt> ( THB 18 ).

"Standard" type has <Original>, <Maple> and <Rum Raisins> ( THB 15 ).

I've bought six of them ( one each )..yumyumm~

Savory waffle ❤❤

<Original> flavor..It still warm from oven...caramelized skin, flaky edges and soft innards with it aromatic will definitely fall in love with it~❤❤

Soft and fine inner texture~

<Rum Raisins> taste a little bit sour with it raisin topping..I prefer sweeter ones, somehow many will like this either as they like the sour of berries~

<Mix Fruits> taste similar with <Rum Raisins>..

<Sesame & Salt> so aromatic with sesame odor, not bad either~

<Almond> with its crunchy almond is my favorite among all..savory~❤❤❤
(In addition to Almond, Original and Maple also my favorite choices~)

Can even find them on Facebook.  

Tel:  02-7486410, 082-6508866

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