Friday, 13 January 2012

Beauty Tips: Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Antioxidant Night Cream

<Wild Ferns> has 5 collections that fall under its brand name which include Kiwifruit, Lanolin, Lanolin For Him, Manuka Honey & Native Flowers. This New Zealand skincare products renown of its all feature key ingredients unique to their country and in where we still easily find ourselves in a clean, pure, nature and unchanged environments. Therefore to create the <Wild Ferns> range, they needless search the world for secret ingredients but just the freshness of New Zealand as their inspiration. New Zealand is still a sanctuary for nature, can't be doubted to anyone whom has been visiting New Zealand including myself, the nature landscapes & mountains and clear & clean rivers or lakes are absolutely impressive.  

I discovered the products while I was in Fox Glacier, New Zealand ( click here )- One of the highlights of the South Island of New Zealand and also one of the most accessible glaciers in the world, and it's township is 6km away from the glacier. I've found them in a souvenir shop as well as many other stuffs origin and made in New Zealand. I've spent nearly an hour just on looking for natural skin care (for face and entire body) which I could bring back hometown as souvenirs for relatives and my own use. I was quite dizzy picking them since every item seemed to be so new and attractive to me, and for sure I couldn't buy all of them due to my budget and the currency exchange rate was kinda high for my country. Eventually I picked <Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Antioxidant Night Cream> (NZ$ 18.00) for myself and some body lotion & Face Foam Wash for my relatives. Somehow I've found that the prices of the products at Fox Glacier were much more higher than souvenir shop in Queenstown, where was my following destination after Fox Glacier.....guess that's due to Queenstown has rather dense population than Fox Glacier I supposed. Nevertheless I love Fox Glacier as well as Queenstown~❤❤

It can be use directly on your clean face or after your basic daily skin care routine for night time. It's more like an harder texture once touched and scoop up from its surface, somehow it becomes watery texture when spread over in palm or face, and the more longer massage will causes more moisture contents on skin surface, thus it's not just a intense facial therapy treatment while you sleep nor replenish the skins moisture level and maintain its tone and elasticity but also perfectly great as a massage solution for face ( my personal view of observation ). Not as other face lotions or moisturizers, rapid dry and dense texture could be hardly to spread over the face for a prolong massage routine, yet will even cause wrinkles or fine lines as well due to massage on dry surface. Nevertheless it doesn't cause any greasy feel nor pore-clog but moist, it's proven by me because any little oily clogging on pores will be a factor of rashes and acnes to my face, I've got a very sensitive skin and it never cause any unwell nor irritating to my face but moisturizer. ^^
I haven't seen any products of them in Malaysia market yet, anyhow it can be online purchased at several websites of NZ ( click here ). It's really a good and natural product to be recommended of, have a nice try~❤❤


  1. Hi Carol,

    We are the distributors of Wild Ferns in Malaysia. It is available exclusively at theSkintopic at Level 5, Pavilion KL and LG, Subang Parade. Visit us at to stay updated on our promotions.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi,we are the distributor of Wild Ferns skincare in Malaysia,
    You can visit our facebook page



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