Monday, 16 January 2012

Carefree Being In Metropolis-Singapore

Who says it would have so much stresses and everything is being so gallop in a big city since many developed countries nowadays have impelled their nations to be more concerned for their quality of life to repel excessive stress of living timely especially those living in metropolis. Singapore is one of the cities that can be regarded as "Big City" since long ago even though it's small country. The government of Singapore is so thoughtful that has supplied many kind of facilities to their citizens where their peoples can find a way or place to unleash their tensions leisurely during spare time. And <East Coast Park> is one of the public facilities to be used for free. 

We reached <East Coast Park> in the morning about 10am++ right after having our breakfast at < Beach Road Prawn Mee (Click Here)>, we went by our own car and took about merely 5-10 minutes due to our hotel was neighboring from there.

Ok! Shall we start our journey? ^^

It wasn't crowded due to it was Friday, guess many local peoples still need to work. :P

Haha..our major mission is to rent a bicycle for roaming the whole park, I haven't had my bike cycling ever since my high school, hope I still remember the skill of cycling...excited!

Had rent our bike for two.. SD$ 8.00 for 3 hours (11am-2pm)....This is the very first time I ride this type of bike..

Hohoho...You can rent for this tricycle if you have more than 2 companions, they look lovely ^^

Haha..This was our bike for two, I wouldn't be fall even if I've forgot how to ride due to my captain was controlling the balance of the entire bicycle ahead, I was at the rear doing nothing but tread wheeling ....interesting~

Yeah! Of cause I was at the rear part because it was more downwards, and I could touch the ground without standing up..hehe~

Pretending I was sitting in frond while posing to the camera..say "Peace"~

The park was beautiful with its shore~

You would definitely think that I was spending my carefree vacation at a isolated and un-pollution island far from the city if you are not being told, wouldn't you?

Which island was this? Bali Island? Pangkor Island? Phuket Island? Langkawi Island? Redang Island? No....It was Singapore ^^

It also has the many installations provided for someone who wanna have barbecue with a bunch of friends or family, but remember to clean it up after use, plenty of huge rubbish bins are surrounding the entire areas, don't ever say that you can't find one. :P

Even it was quite hot even though we were being beneath the shade of the trees, no other reason because it's in the Tropics. 

Remember to put on your sun block lotions before going to have these outdoor activities, or else you will get tan rapidly even though you being so utmost to find the shady places to hide under just like me, I still would get tan easily even with my sun block on. :P

We can slow down our motions and footsteps sometimes...

Great place to manage a barbecue night out with a bunch of friends or family with its expansive land and carefree & relaxed seascape. 


Unbelievable carefree vacation being in the metropolis~

Our bike for two~❤❤

Sweet moment with our bike for two~❤❤

There is a lake..would be spectacular if there have a couple of swans came into the view~Haha..dreamer~

Can you feel the weather was hot, it was not windy even for a second on the entire journey being in the park.

Acting cool again..haha..


Can you smile? Or you need to pull your corner of the mouth otherwise like the <Smiling Monkey> does..hehe..

Positive Art "Smile"...I love the words "Worries are temporary, A positive attitude is permanent" everyone, do it as what the Singapore government says: "Bring on a smile. Be positive."

I love this Art piece sculpture of <Smile> will smile when looking at this <Smiling Monkey>..If everyone does the same thing, this will be absolutely a better earth to live on with grace harmony among all nations regardless of the skin colors we have.

"Take a walk around this sculpture and be inspired to think and act positive today"

Posing with "Big Smile"....

<East Coast Park>.

<I ❤ My Bike>.....Yes, I really do~

Smile, smile, smile...Remember the tough time in your life don't last forever, and a positive attitude will always pull you through...So start embracing optimism and see how it can make a big difference to your life~

Have you put on a big smile on your face today? 

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