Friday, 13 January 2012

Down To Earth G.W.Dim Sum World 扑实的马六甲点心世界

Early in the morning, many chinese will prefer dim sum as their breakfast especially in Hong Kong. To be frank, most of dim sum restaurants in my country don't serve variegation dim sum as authentic Hong Kong's dim sum restaurants do ( only if certain luxurious rating restaurants or hotels in my country will do ). Nevertheless this simple dim sum in my country will satisfy more than enough to me ( haha..self-hypnotism if we can't have Hong Kong dim sum everyday ).  Now I'm proudly present the rather simple but relish dim sum restaurant in my country- <G.W.Dim Sum World 马六甲点心世界>, in addition of dim sums, they serve variety of pau (char siew pau, steamed meat pau, 流沙包(limited on certain day) and etc...), chu cheung fun, drunken chicken ( I don't fond the taste of wine but my mum in law loves it ), but my favorite as below~

Starting our dim sum breakfast for two ^^

<Black Bean Port Cutlets 豆豉蒸排骨> is one of the "Must" order dim sum for me.

< Siew Mai (Steamed Dumpling) 烧卖 > -my all time favorite dim sum.

<Loh Mai Kai (Steamed Glutinous Rice With Chicken) 糯米鸡> is the major role of the dim sum restaurant which I'm coming for...The glutinous rice is well-cooked, soft yet chewable texture (some other places, the glutinous rices are quite hard, not fully absorbent with its marinades ), the chicken meats given are plentiful yet sleeky & soft ( some will only give very tiny and parched chicken meats ). Overall it is the most tasty Loh Mai Kai I've ever eat within these decade..Yes, I've been eaten many delicious Loh Mai Kai since my childhood, but seem like all the good Loh Mai Kai have been disappeared out of my sight until I've found this. ( Perhaps different people has different preference, but this surely my most beloved one ).

<Fried Dumpling 炸水饺> is recommended, the shop helper always being so nice and thoughtful that will initiatively re-fried the dumpling for us right after we have ordered it. Therefore we can have a very hot & crispy dumplings always. I'm not sure if she does the same thing for other customers, because we are so regularly go there and she seemingly recognize us, she will go to re-fried 2 plates of dumplings and serve with a plate of mayonnaise (my favorite condiment eat with fried dumpling) once she sees us before we make the orders. favorite condiment eat with <Fried Dumpling 炸水饺>..yummy!

<Fried Dumpling 炸水饺> has very crispy skin yet the inner meats are soft and juicy...

Certainly it comes perfectly with a pot of hot chinese tea ( Jasmine Tea ) whenever having Chinese-styled breakfast. ^^

There is some messages for the handsome men and pretty ladies..haha..The boss is really cute~

Another messages for the handsome men & pretty ladies in chinese words~ :P

We usually go on weekdays about 10am-11am, therefore there won't be many diners during the period, but there will be totally full house during the morning of weekends & public holidays.

Hot water refill machine is provided..

The restaurant from the outside, they look tidy and clean all the time...

A very simple and unobtrusive outlook of the dim sum restaurant, yet they won't disappoint you anyway with its great dim sum, friendly staffs and boss, and great value for money compares many other costly dim sum restaurants.

Address:   Jalan Merak, Taman Melaka Baru 75350 Melaka Malaysia.

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