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German Passions Throughout The Winter 2010

Heidelberg is a city in south-west Germany, and has the densely population which lies on the River Neckar in a steep valley in the Odenwald. Besides, Heidelberg is well-known with its oldest university <University Of Heidelberg>, <Heidelberg Castle>, <Alte Brücke- The Old Bridge>, the baroque-style <Altstadt-Old Town>and plenty of romantic & picturesque cityscapes.

Spectacular view behind us from a distance- < Heidelberg Castle > the famous ruin in Germany and also the landmark of Heidelberg. The old castle is beautifully dominates the Heidelberg skyline and looming over the old town. Too bad we were unable to up to the castle due to lack of time.  For those who have sufficient time, please enter the castle ( an admission charges are required and a small castle guidebook is sell at the ticket counter as well or you can just go on the guided tour ),  because there are lots of historical things, spectacular view from its garden of the old town and castle lit up at night, it's very romantic during nighttime though. 

Just reached Heidelberg Germany, we were advised to be hurry due to the day was almost dark and we wouldn't have enough illumination for taking good photographs otherwise.

I was standing on the <Alte Brücke- The Old Bridge>, the best viewpoint of the <Heidelberg Castle>.

The "pepper pots" on the old bridge, historical buildings and statues can be found while wandering around at the old town of Heidelberg including the <Alte Brücke- The Old Bridge> as well, in fact the old town doesn't cover a particularly large area.

Taking photo with our omniscient tour manager...he really knows everything about Europe, love to hear him telling stories about Europe.

Magnificent scenery from the <Alte Brücke- The Old Bridge>~

Another statue on the <Alte Brücke- The Old Bridge>.

We were about entered the pedestrian street < Hauptstrasse >(high street), the main shopping street in Heidelberg where various souvenirs can be found and stop for some refreshments as coffees or foods.

Look at the disordered street, we could hardly know what had happened in here before..

Haha..the further we went, the better clues we've got...The locals and also some other German regions were celebrating the feast equivalent of Mardis Gras ( Carnival ) within the week in February yearly such as "The Ball der Vampire ( Ball of the Vampires )" and "Fasching" where a giant vampire-themed costume party at the local castle or city hall is celebrated, it's quite similar with the Carnival we came across a day before while being in Lucern, Switzerland ( Click Here ). People were wearing masks or costumes in all places having fun, singing, dancing and drinking. Therefore the street was in a hideous mess, filthy & disorder with garbages and even wine bottles. Nevertheless we didn't miss the chance to take some photographs with some of them, this guy was cute with his vaunted wig :P

I was asking this lovely girl taking photo with my honey as well...^^

Haha...This group of people seemingly enjoyed the festival to the max, they were singing yet dancing from top to the end of the street. I love their costumes, look ancient.

I asked them if I could take a photo with them, and this German guy was so friendly yet enthusiastic hugging me too tight that I could barely breath. In fact, he has a very sweet and sexy smile~❤❤
(I've never thought he would give his cuddly toy that hanged on his chest to me after a while.)

This German guy has left after taking photo with me, but before long he came back to me again and give me a cuddly toy which hanged on his chest earlier. I did receive the toy and try to figure out what was he said ( he was speaking German to me, and at first I thought he's selling the toy to me..), he came so close to embrace me, and kiss on my both cheeks before I could react. I was likely paused for a seconds later on. WOW!! This was definitely my first time ever kissed by a stranger ( adult man ) that I didn't even know his name... even though it was merely on cheeks. Nevertheless, his kisses was so gentle and courteous...and sort of passions...Not in the least to cause any sense of infringe on me or lack of respect to me. I shouldn't have to be too conservative, a kiss on cheek is merely an etiquette action for western countries, I gotta used to it ^^

Haha...I've got my cute toy from Germany exchanged with kisses on my both cheeks. I definitely feel the passions of the German people, you guys have evoked my inner passion either. ^^

I don't know what is he called, but he does look cute, doesn't he?

Heidelberg Castle
Open daily 8.00am-17.00pm.
Costs entering the Castle courtyard and Groses Fass 
€ 2.50 (adult), €1.00 (children), €1.20 (students), a further € 2.00 (adult) & € 1.00 (children) for the guided tour.   
(However access to the castle garden is free). 

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