Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Recipe: Asam Fish Bihun 亚参鱼米粉

2                 Fishes
2 bowl        Bihun (amount depends on individual preference)
10               Fish balls
5tbsp          Blended chili ( Recipe click here )
1-2tbsp       Tamarind (more amount will cause more sour taste)   

1tbsp          Fish sauce
1.5tsp         Salts
1tbsp          Oyster sauce
1tsp            Sugar

  1. Bihun soaks in water to soften it.
  2. Drain out bihun.
  3. Set aside.
  4. Add half to one bowl of water to mixture tamarind, stir and mix well.
  5. Drain tamarind water from its slags. 
  6. Set aside.

  1. Heat up wok or pot with 1tbsp cooking oil.
  2. Add in blended chili and stir-fry until aromatic.
  3. Pour in 1 litter water and bring to boil. (amount of the water adding depends on personal favor of the density of the soup).
  4. Put in fishes into the boiling broth.
  5. Add in fish balls after a while.
  6. Mix in tamarind water before seasoning.
  7. Add seasonings and taste, add on more salts or sugars if the taste is too mild or too sour.
  8. Put in bihun and bring to boil or until cooked.

  1. The meal is ready to be served.
  2. Can be garnished with few slices of mint leaves if you favor its aromas.

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