Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Recipe: Fried Shelled-Shrimps Chili Noodle 辣椒虾米炒面

<Fried Noodle> is known as <Mee Goreng> in Malaysia, I love it ever since my mum cooked it when I was little. I have my mum's gene thus we both like spicy foods, and no surprise that I cook this with chili according to my mum's recipe :P
As my recipe to prepare a simple < Fried Noodle>, I would like to use shelled-shrimps much to bring up more fragrant and umami tastes < Fried Shelled-Shrimps Chili Noodle 辣椒虾米炒面 >.

1-2 pack        Noodles
300g              Prawn ( Shell-peeled )
300g              Porks or Chickens ( in slices )
200g              Sprouts
1/2 bowl        Shelled-shrimps ( chopped )
3- 6 tbsp        Blended chili ( Recipe click here )
1-2 cups        Water
2 tbsp            Cooking oil

2tbsp              Oyster sauce
1tsp                Salt ( as preference because shelled-shrimps will cause salty taste. )
1/2tsp             MSG or sugar ( or as preference )

  1. Heat up wok with 2tbsp cooking oil.
  2. Add in blended chili and stir-fry until aromatic.
  3. Add shelled-shrimps, stir-fry and mixture with chili.
  4. Mix in meats and prawn, stir-fry for a while until cooked.
  5. Replenish 1-2 cups water into mixtures.
  6. Add seasonings.
  7. Turn down the fire to medium level to avoid dry out and scorched.
  8. Pour in both noodles and sprouts, stir-fry with mixtures constantly until they have well-cooked and dry ( depends on individual preference, to me I like the noodles to be more mushy texture, therefore I would like to add more water to keep it cook more longer minutes ).

Dadaaa...the <Fried Shelled-Shrimps Chili Noodle 辣椒虾米炒面> is ready to be served, the recipe is completely easy and simple.

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