Monday, 16 January 2012

Renowned Beach Road Prawn Mee House, Singapore 新加坡驰名美芝律大虾面

We have stayed in <Hotel Peranakan> East Coast Road Singapore for vacation last year, and <Beach Road Prawn Mee House 美芝律大虾面> is located just a few steps away from my hotel. Yet we are told by my Singaporean relative (my cousin's husband) that <Beach Road Prawn Mee House 美芝律大虾面> was one of the dating venues for his parents when young, the meal is not bad but the price has been increasing day by day that their family are not going to eat there since then, they think doesn't worth it. Nevertheless me as a tourist should try out everything that renowned, crowded with visitors & yet time-honored which should be have a reason.

There was not that crowded when I've got there, it might owing to the day was Friday morning..Weekends and lunch hours should be more packed I supposed..We had our breakfast before going to <East Coast Park (Click Here> for our morning bike-cycling.

An articles about the history of the <Beach Road Prawn Mee House 美芝律大虾面> are sticked on the walls~

Haha..My <Prawn & Pork Ribs Mee> was good in taste, I love the pork ribs even more than prawn. Meat of the pork ribs were mushy enough that needless to chew too long in mouth and completely absorbed with  its soup, whereas the soup tasted excellent and dense with their special tradition recipe..The defect I could barely find is the mee (noodle) was too hard ( not well cooked, and I love mushy and soft noodle than hard one ) & it merely has one prawn for each bowl of mee ( one prawn was sliced into two ). Other than that were excellent.

<Prawn & Pork Ribs Mee> for two, SD$ 13.20 ( Tax included )..Quite costly because the prawn was very little :P


I love my pork ribs...not the prawn :P

Beach Road Prawn Noodle House 美芝律大虾面
370 East Coast Road Singapore 428981

Open:   8am-4pm Daily ( closed on Tuesdays )

Tel:      63457196

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