Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ruins Of St Paul The Historical Remains At Macau 大三巴牌坊

Back in year 2008, I still can recall that was a warm and humid summer on July while we were celebrating our ROM anniversary in Macau. Although it was the first time being to Macau, yet it gave a very familiar sense and circumstance to me due to it was a Portuguese colony in 1887, and has the mixing of Chinese and Portuguese cultures and religious traditions for centuries, so was the place I live on-Malacca which state has the same historical background & similar historic remains in Malaysia. In addition to being a heritage site, Macau also best known as Asia's largest destination of gambling.

<Ruin of St Paul's 大三巴牌坊>, facade of original The Cathedral of St Paul built in 1580 by Jesuits, one of the significant scenic spots and representative landmarks in Macau. It was officially enlisted as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Centre Of Macau. And it was the largest  Catholic church in Asia at the time, but St Paul's Church caught fires in 1595 and 1601. However reconstruction started in 1602 soon after the church was burnt down and completed in 1637. Unfortunately, it was destroyed once again by a fire during a violent typhoon in 1835 and remains the facade which sits on the small hill, with 66 stone steps leading up to it. According to historical materials, St Paul's Church was built with white stone, had a grand vaulted roof and had 3 magnificently decorated halls.

This is the "Must Visit" place in Macau for all the tourists from all over the world.

There were some Olympic's mascots set up along the stone steps which will be held in BeijingChina at the same year, and Macau is the special administrative regions of China as well.

A typical color and architecture can be seen in Macau everywhere else.

Lovely place regardless the weather was hot and humid all day long.

Beautiful historical remains~

An museum of Sacred Art and Crypt with some historical remains, some look like bones of man kind I supposed...Please be silent while being in there to respect and honor to those ancestry. ( Seriously, I felt kinda horrified when entering the hall cause there have no one else but only the two of us. :P )

We were about to go uphill Mount Fortress (大炮台) which equipped with cannons, military barracks and etc....and of course has a good view of the < Ruin Of St Paul's > facade and the surrounding city.

Such a huge fortress...Wow! The weather was hot and humid, couldn't even feel the wind at all :-(

Haha...Luckily there have a store located at the half way to roof operated by an old lady, where we could rest for awhile while grabbing some drinks and snacks, and of course enjoyed the air-conditioning in the store as well. ^^

An open space in front of the store, and even has a beautiful statue at the very end.

Climbed was exhausting in such hot and humid climate, luckily we have had our cold drinks with us.

Haha..Finally we reached the roof, there were some of the cannons even pointing at the famous Casino-Hotel Lisbon Macau in the city from a distance ( The tallest structure ).

Wow! Numerous cannons were set along the fortress pointing outward, spectacular view~

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