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Siam Paragon The Heaven Of Exotic Gourmet Foods In Bangkok

<Siam Paragon Bangkok> is Bangkok premier shopping mall and one of the biggest shopping mall in Asian where you can find many top brand name fashion outlets for women & men, sport goods, modern theatres for fine gourmets, electrical departments, banks, large bowling alley, karaoke center, souvenir shops, home deco, jewelry, supermarkets, car showrooms, IT-City, movie theaters, Siam Ocean World ( Under water world-the largest aquarium in South East Asia), food hall and many more. That's to say <Siam Paragon> is offering rather high price level brand name than other department stores.

We went to <Siam Paragon> to have our "Brunch" (Breakfast & Lunch) after we have worshipped to <Four-Faced Buddha, Erawan Shrine>(Click here) a walking distance from <Siam Paragon>. There has been many peoples awaiting outside the mall to be opened.

The portrait of the Thai King was seen everywhere due to the birthday month of the King is on December ( same as mine ^^).

Sawadee....Ronald McDonald has integrated himself into very Thai culturally "Hello" instead of the custom American friendly wave throughout the world. So don't forget to take a photo with Ronald in Thailand, the very characteristics gesture of Ronald McDonald- the McDonald's mascot. ( We didn't have our meal at any fast food chain store in Bangkok, because there were too many various authentic great Thai foods around at both street foods or food courts ).

Sawadee Kup~

Sawadee Kah~

Haha..Have purchased a cash card from the food hall's counters, then started to hunt for our "Brunch"...extremely hungry!

We need to purchase this card at the food hall counter beforehand with sufficient figure for your food, the remaining amounts are refundable, no worries ^^

There are too many savory authentic Thai foods selling in the food hall, the prices are reasonable ( perhaps just a little bit higher than those sell from street stalls, since it's <Siam Paragon>'s food hall ^^). You will never know you can find numerous of exotic authentic Thai foods in a merely department stall's food court, yet the tastes are completely conscientious and plentiful ingredients, not like many food courts in other countries as mine will be too commercialize that don't have the genuine taste of local foods yet stint on raw materials for the dishes.

Pork noodles, kuay teow...I love Bangkok < Kuay Teow Moo >, it's super savory kuay teow soup with pork, recommended by my lovely cousin sister and I have fall in love with this dishes ever since~❤❤

Variety sort of <Kuay Teow Moo>~

Comfortable, leisurely and aromatic food hall in <Siam Paragon>. Due to the day is still young (10am), there didn't have many diners besides us. ( It will definitely has a wave of peoples and practically every seat is taken during lunch & dinner hours ).

What else to be ordered besides my favorite <Kuay Teow Moo> ^^

There has several aquariums at the middle of the food hall, look gorgeous~

Guess many will dizzy like me and hardly to make the decision while being confronted with too many various gourmets, and yet everyone of us merely has one belly..haha..

My cousin sister also strongly recommended this <Chicken Rice> to me...alright, I'll try to oder and taste it then. ^^

Each and every Thai food stall certainly will provide various condiments for diners and needless to request, how considerate...Since I am a spicy lover ever, hence the special Thai chili powder absolutely be my first and only choice..haha.

<Kuay Teow Moo>~

Just another sort of <Kuay Teow Moo>, has abundant ingredients and the soup has the sweetness of the pork, taste even perfectly with the chili yummy~❤❤❤

Yet another sort of <Kuay Teow Moo>..haha..

Still < Kuay Teow Moo> many distinct pork cooking method. 

The chili powder I would never miss with every time having the <Kuay Teow Moo>~

Other type of noodle with pork meat ball...Thai peoples are crazy for pork, it can be found easily in many authentic foods, and I love it somehow~

It is said the most yummy <Chicken Rice + Fried Chicken> in Bangkok by my cousin sister...But after I've tasted it...Mmmmm...Never taste never know, the rice has incredibly exotic odor and chewable, the fried chicken is crispy yet fragrant and the steamed chicken is sleeky smooth texture, if I have never had my <Kuay Teow Moo> at that time, I could easily finish 2 plates of them. It's definitely and absolutely the most relish <Chicken Rice> I've ever ate not even in Bangkok but every chicken rice in my country is incorporated as well, and it's still the number one chicken rice, thumbs up!!!

The whole set of <Chicken Rice+ Fried Chicken> THB 60 comes with soup, and guess what..the soup was taste good either.

<Fried Chicken Rice> THB 55 comes with soup~

Can be order the mere <Fried Chicken No Rice> THB 100...

<Char Siew Rice> the barbecue pork rice, looks comment of the taste because I didn't taste it. :P

<Tom Yam Soup> is hot & spicy..Taste good!

<Rice Omelet>, the omelet look great with its color and even aromatic smell..savory dishes!

<Fried Kuay Teow>, taste not bad but too common in my country as well...

Beverages counter...

I only want a plain mineral water instead of soda drinks~

After all, all of us have our exotic delicacies with completely satisfaction at <Siam Paragon's Food Hall>. It was the most regularly visit place for me while being in Bangkok. ( As a matter of fact, it was merely walking distance from my hotel, so convenient. ) Thumbs up!❤❤

Address:   991 Rama I Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330
Open:       Mon- Sun 10 am - 10 pm

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