Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Smell Of Toilet In Taipei, Taiwan 台北便所主题餐厅

This was my first time visited to Taiwan, and I have chosen Taipei as my very first destination in Taiwan..haha. I've heard and seen lots of the articles or tv shows saying that Taiwan is known with its various gourmet foods both Street Foods and Theme Restaurants, and of course with their courtesy local peoples ( Up to the present, I still consider Japan as the most courteous country and follows by Taiwan the second whereas New Zealand the third according to my travel experiences..they are my top 3 lovely countries ever ^^)... It was 1st April 2010, the first day I stepped on the land of Taiwan, I have had my delighted dinner at <Toilet>, and I'm not fool you around despite it was April Fool Day..haha.. In fact it's <Modern Toilet 便所主题餐厅>. ^^

Do you see that? I'm not bluffing, am I? We were about entering to the second floor where the <Toilet> is located.

This is "Toilet", but the "Modern" one..hehe..By the way, there was a "Pinky Shit" behind me, so lovely ❤❤

Hehe..We are gonna sitting on the "Stinky Bowl" to have our dinner :P

And I washed my hand at the "Stinky Bowl" either..yeeaakk~ :P

A bathtub covered with a glass and becomes our dining table..hohoo...we were really dining in the Toilet, weren't we?

I was sipping milk tea from the chamber pot? Did I crazy? However the milk tea was fragrant and tasty ❤❤

Chamber pot as a container for beverages..lovely~ Yet it's a give away souvenir comes with the drinks.

There were almost full house in the <Toilet>...In fact they have 80 seats, yet if you need to be more secured and avoid to miss the meal, you can make a reservation call to the store one day in advance or in the same day perhaps.

See what we've got here on the dining table....Dishes in the toilet bowl, milk tea in the chamber pot, pickles covered with shit, a bowl of soup and a bowl of fragrant rice..:P

The meal in the toilet bowl is aromatic and yummy...hehe.

What a big huge meal in the toilet bowl, and all the toilet bowls are lovely ❤❤

Our desserts was 2 huge squat toilet bowls filled with crushed ice and toppings. Wondered how could it be finished.

We didn't know there yet has a free small squat toilet bowl came with the meal we ordered..however four of us were too full to finish all the crushed ices.

We were trying so hard to finish the crushed ices but we could barely finish its toppings somehow :P

Joyous and delighted dinner for four of us on the first night in Taipei..I could say the foods were barely average, but the lovely surroundings and friendly crews are the major matter I consider..After all it worths to try ^^

The Simending Store which we went to is on the second floor where there are a giant Toilet Bowl hanging out there where can be spotted easily from far.

For more info on Modern Toilet, please Click Here

Modern Toilet Simending Store Taipei
2F, No 7. Lane 50, Sining S. Rd,
Wanhus District, Taipei City Taiwan.

Tel:    02-2311-8822

Business Hours:  11:30am to 10:00pm (Weekdays)
                            11:00am to 10:00pm (Holidays)
( Noted: Last order by 9:00pm)

**For more info of other stores, please Click Here

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