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Sweet Speech Of "White Lover" Hokkaido-北海道 "白い恋人"

"Shiroikoibito" in Japanese translates into "White Lover" which "Shiroi白い" means "White", "koibito恋人" means "Lover" is a type of biscuit which means there is chocolates between two thin and buttery cookies and is well known in Japan as a souvenir from northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido. It has two type of chocolates- White and Milk Chocolates as well, and make by the company named Ishiya. White chocolate type rather sweet and Milk Chocolate lessen sweet, depends on individual preference. For me I love white one, perhaps of its name "White Lover 白い恋人" is rather closest. Every two pieces cookies with chocolate (milk or white) sandwiched in between and individually wrapped where the ones with white chocolates are in dark green wrapping whereas those with milk chocolates are in the white wrapping. The original boxes are too lovely and elegant to wrap it once again for someone as a gift, as if its box has designed specially for gift. 

Our mission was visiting <White Lover 白い恋人 Chocolate Factory> before heading to Otaru. We were quite impressed by the European styled building and its garden, they look gorgeously during Autumn with its reddish and yellowish leaves girding the factory, and the warm orange colored treehouse in the middle of the railroad which circling the factory, however I didn't manage to ride the train because we were lack of time :-( 

Choo-choo train is coming....

We have entered the main hall of the factory where guests can choose and buy various range of "White Lover 白い恋人" products on the left-hand side, whereas there is a cafe for desserts and beverages on the right-hand side, enjoy the pastry and beverages at the cafe if you have enough time. As a matter of fact, we can smell the aromas of chocolates in every nook and cranny in there.

Enchanting display with various range of <White Lover 白い恋人> product along the entire counter, which is your ideal one?

Choosing the ideal one for souvenir...

I love the display counter and its illumination, everything is just perfect ^^

Quite dizzy while choosing the <White Lover 白い恋人>, there are various sorts (cookies, cakes...), different sizes (12,18,24,28,36 & 54 cookies in a box...36 & 54 are mixed) and even various packages..

Mmm..this sort of cookie is the most popular souvenir & hot item among all.

Fascinating packages~

There are varieties of cake, so lovely so yummy..I wish I could have them all ❤❤

Various tempting~❤❤

They have plenty of forms on the table for guests who wanna buy more and home delivery I suppose..because I can't really understand Japanese words..haha..

They have forms, just more like a study table in the library ^^

Do they look like being in the library? But here you can merely refer to <White Lover 白い恋人> full ranges catalogs and fill up the order form beforehand ~Lovely ❤❤

Exiting to the garden after we have bought the <White Lover 白い恋人> chocolate cookies.
The White Chocolate Factory has a very lovely, large and leisure outdoor garden...

The weather was cold, yet we wanted to roam around the factory through..In fact, it's just look like more than factory..I've never seen any factory looks like this, clean, enchanting, beautiful, gorgeous, elegant...more like a ancient palace with its lovely garden ^^

Sun Shining day yet freezing out there....

Beautiful palace-like factory~ 

The entrance of the <White Lover 白い恋人> chocolate factory~

19th century European styled architecture of the factory..elegant~

The factory looks beautiful and gorgeous especially with its Autumn reddish leaves ❤❤

Nice scenery of the garden~


In fact I was freezing, even with my hands hided inside my pockets..

My honey was taking photo with the friendly, earnest and smiley security officer..I love his outfits, just like a little drummer boy..haha

Nice cold weather with blue sky, white cloud, ancient European styled building and yellowish Autumn leaves, the perfect match!

Magnificent scenery~

There is a "Toy Museum" at second floor open for visitors where has plenty of antique toys I supposed put on display, they look ancient but precious.

Various publications contain comic books, fictions etc....

Guess most of toys displayed on the racks were the childhood playthings of many grownup Japan mothers and fathers :P

Many cartoon statues around us...Now Pinocchio is sitting next to me ^^

Wow! Ghost rider? 

Another cartoon representative character statue~So cute! There are actually has an official factory tour opens for tourists to see how the "Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Cookies" produce, yet they have certain timetable for it..Too bad the time we reached, it was closed but the remaining places of the factory like cafe, gift shop, garden, toy museum etc were still open for free visiting and souvenir purchasing.

<White Lover 白い恋人> Two Crispy Cookies with Milk Chocolate sandwiched in between ( My honey's favorite which less sweet ).

<White Lover 白い恋人> Two Crispy Cookies with White Chocolate sandwiched in between ( My favorite which is rather sweet, yet it's suitable for those none sweet lovers and it's still the popular ones among all ).

<White Lover 白い恋人> Chocolate Milk, it's creamy, smooth and super mouth-watering drinks..Too bad, I had merely bought one to taste.

Since 1976...

I love their wrapping ❤❤

There is 2 crispy cookies stuffed with an equally thick layer of smooth and not too excessive sweet texture White Chocolates or Milk Chocolates in between, it's really something to die for..yummy! ❤❤❤

The perfect combination of their crispy cookies and chocolates make me could savor the entire of them one instant unwittingly. Try it yourself and you'll know ^^

In addition to buy it directly from <White Lover 白い恋人 Chocolate Factory>, we still can found quite many of <White Lover 白い恋人> selling booths no matter in airport, shopping mall and some souvenir shops. Therefore those who have omitted to buy your <White Lover 白い恋人 >pastries while being at <White Lover 白い恋人 Chocolate Factory> or those who have not had the chance to <White Lover 白い恋人 Chocolate Factory>, don't ever tell that you never have the chance for them or repeat the orders.

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