Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Worship & Prayer To Four-Faced Buddha Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

<The Erawan Shrine> ( known as Tham Maha Brahma by locals ) is one of the "Must Visit" attractions in Bangkok for both locals and foreigners even if none Buddhist as me. However <The Erawan Shrine> ain't an old shrine in Bangkok, it was built in 1956 to appease the supposed evil forces causing many calamities and even deaths to the workers in the construction what is now the <Grand Hyatt 
Erawan> which some claimed that the misfortunes were caused by starting the construction on a detrimental date. Anyhow the calamity and deaths stopped right away after the shrine was erected, and since then the hotel grew very prosperous.

We were preparing to worship < The Four Faced Buddha > in <Erawan Shrine> early in the morning which is merely walking distance from our hotel, to avoid from the heat of the sun at noon ( in fact the climate in Bangkok was pleasantly cool during our visit on December ) and big crowds as well. By the time we were walking through the skybridge linked beneath the Skytrain tracks, there were a huge poster of the <Thai King> whom birthday is held on December ( same as mine, proudly say it ), in fact the entire month of December is the nationwide jubilation month for the King, hence The King's posters could be seen anywhere else.

Haha..here we are, < The Erawan Shrine >...seemingly there were still not many worshippers at that time, and the weather was nice, cool and fresh~

A very pious worshipper among all :P

<Erawan Shrine> officially known as <Thao Maha Brahma> by locals.

They are selling coconuts outside the shrine, since many were buying coconuts as offerings to Four-Faced Buddha, we also bought 4 coconuts ( one each face of Buddha ) which costs THB 280. After the seller has cut a hole on the coconuts, they will carry the coconuts with tray for you and enshrine to each face of Buddha.

Brimming with the sense of ethnic culture carving artworks...

Buying some offerings of flowers, candles and incenses to enshrine the Buddha.

It costs THB 60...

The bigger one costs THB200 onward....

Wow! Some people even consecrated a pig head as an offering to Buddha...

The golden statue of <Four-Faced Buddha>, named <Than Tao Mahaprom> sits beneath a glittering canopy, surrounded by all the offerings of flowers, candles, incenses, fruits, foods and many more from His worshippers. Its highly effectiveness made the shrine one of the "Most Revered Spots" in Thailand, traces of the terribly event in 2006 when a mentally disturbed Thai man attacked the statue with a hammer, and he was beaten to death in broad daylight by the onlookers. However the statue was restored with its incorporating pieces from the original image within two months.

The shrine is crowded with worshippers day and night from all over the world especially Asian countries, hence it always wafting with incense smoke throughout the years.

Numerous pious believers enshrined their offerings toward each and every face of Buddha.

Smokes get in your eyes~

Fortunately the weather was so fine (cool and fresh ) that I wouldn't get dizzy by aromas..

The shrine area was so clean even though it was packed with worshippers all day long.

So many elephants statues around..Lovely~

Glittering elephants~

Dazzling coated surface of the elephants increase the glorious of the shrine~

Baby elephants...

Splendor shines on us from the rear golden elephants...

Some of the worshippers will pay the dancers to present a section of Thai dance to the Buddha whist worshipping & kneeling in prayers in front of Buddha (THB 610 for 5-6 persons).

My family were kneeling in prayers and worshipping toward the <Four-Faced Buddha> while the dancers were dancing at the rear.

Dancing, dancing...worshipping, worshipping....

Don't know what has my honey say in his prayers?

Eventually the entire worship course has been finished, may all of their prayers will come to be fulfilled soon, even though I don't know what my family have said in their prayers.  

The holy waters are provided for worshippers to wash their heads to toes...

Not a drinking water~

My honey cleaned his both hands, face and even hairs. ^^

Before left, we bought a cage of birds to release which costs THB 300, in Buddhism man believes releasing living creatures to return alive will accumulate merit and virtue to us. As I am a inborn carnivorous species ever since the day I was born, I wish to alleviate my sin sometimes. Therefore my honey has bought a cage of lovely birds for us to release back to their natural living world.

The birds are eagerly anticipate to be free~

Me and birdie~

Are you ready, birdies? 

You have your freedom now, birdies~

Fly away and high enough to stay out from man kind- the most dangerous creature in Earth. :P

Address:     494 Rajdamri Road, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand 
( The Northwest corner of Grand Hyatt Erawan, near the Skytrain at Chit Lom stop).

Opens:        Daily dawn to 8pm.


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