Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Beauty Tips: AmPm Wakeup Skin Smooth Washing Powder

The <AmPm> range of products was formulated by Niu Er (牛尔) (known as Beauty King) from Taiwan to provide skin with hydration during day and night.  <AmPm> offers different Skincare products which suitable for all skin types, dry, oily and even sensitive skin. What I'm going to recommend today is < AmPm Wakeup Skin Smooth Washing Powder > which I actually got from Niu Er's magazine as free gift ( as I know many formulated products of Niu er haven't put on the market in Malaysia widely as well as authorized stores, so it's too rare to get them from any pharmacy store or customized counter ). Nevertheless I still got the chance to test the rare and precious product which I've longing for ever since I knew Niu Er, guess I might be going to grab a lot of the formulated brand products selling online by him then ^^ 

As claims its minute microcrystal granule formula makes dull skins look brighter, smoother and cleaner. The fine foam imposes cleaning thorough pores to avoid oil-clogging, improves skin tone, soft and gentle element helps restore skin radiants, firm elastic skin, the minute microcrystal granules remove dead skin cells and acnes of dull skins effectively with gently massage motion, as well as tighten up the pores. Its gentle and smooth texture doesn't leave irritating result after use, at least not to me as I have kinda sensitive skin. 

Its powder contains minute granule which similar with facial scrub we accustomed to use, but much much more fine and soft which can be used frequently or even every facial cleaning daily (as I do).  I use twice daily (morning and night) since three weeks ago, and feel that my skin is getting smoother and has more radiant complexion. 

For further information of AmPm range of products, please click AmPm
For know more about Niu Er ( 牛尔 ), please click Niu Er ( 牛尔 )


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