Monday, 27 February 2012

Beauty Tips: Silky Girl Hot & Sexy Lipsick

Longing to have a hot and sexy lips sometimes? Have a sexy lips as the typical beauty Marilyn Monroe ( the classic ) or Angelina Jolie ( in present )? It doesn't need to be rich and choosing the top grade brands. Haha...of course the above lip is not belong to Marilyn Monroe or Angelina Jolie, they used to had tenfold or more sexier and prettier lips than I have. However I still can be a little bit hot, stunning and sexy woman sometimes with wearing the fire-red color lipstick on my lip during some occasions, to attract focus from some people. ( As who knows me well would easily spot that I am not wearing bright-colored lipstick as scarlet or bright red for decades but merely light, nude, natural and pale-colored lip gloss..This is an exception :P)

This is the <Silky Girl> lipstick I've found in Guardian Pharmacy Store a couple of days ago. And it was also the first time I bought cosmetic products of Malaysia local brand, since I used to believe foreign brand has better quality and authoritative on both cosmetic or skin cares. <Silky Girl> target market is students and teenagers due to its affordable price level. However I think it's suitable for mature and sophisticated women either after I have tried it out. < Silky Girl Moisture Rich Lipstick> as the name given has a moisture rich texture, can be applied easily on lips very smoothly, yet the color is stunning and prominence on one-time apply.

The case is simple and nothing to talk about, guess it might be the reason why it has rather low cost than others. It's normally sell at Rm 17.90 in Guardian or Watsons Pharmacy Stores, but it was on sales by the time I went to Guardian, and it merely costs Rm 14.88. It was the cheapest among others, yet not lack in quality, and the color is great. The matter is I don't wanna spend more on this since I just wanna use it once awhile, so this is the perfect choice for me.

< Silky Girl Moisture Rich- 25 Hot >...yes, it's really hot and stunning~

I would like to advise not to put so much makeup on eyes ( splendid eyeshadows ) and as well as cheeks ( bright rouge ) when you are wearing the stunning red as fire on your lips, let it be only ONE focal point on your face...or you seem to be going on stage otherwise. ^^

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